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Gorguts at Mavericks – Ottawa Live Review

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Who: Gorguts

From: Sherbrook, QC

Where: Mavericks, Ottawa

When: December 18th, 2013

Total Score: 8.5/10

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Style: Gorguts play technical death metal. They are considered pioneers in the genre and have been playing on and off since 1989.

Crowd: Gorguts and their openers drew a lively crowd for the Wednesday night show. The audience was already amped up from Origin, the group who played before. Their singer was stage diving and crowd surfing to the bar and back. The crowd was a bit calmer for Gorguts as they stood and head banged for the first 10 minutes of the 90-minute set. The middle hour of their performance was a marathon mosh. It was an endurance test that meant there were not explosive single moments from the crowd. An incredible amount of sustained energy from the audience earned the affection of the band. There were also stage divers who were north of 200 pounds, which the mosh pit took in stride.

Technicalities: Gorguts shine as a technical band. Their new material pushed them in a direction where dynamics are just as important as shredding. The band can shred, solo and chug. The vocals and the drums both stole the show from the guitars and bass. The drummer was doing fills and going above and beyond what was required of him on stage. The vocalist’s ability to scream for 90 minutes without going stale or burning out was solid. From watching and listening it is clear that they are some of the strongest musicians in the genre.

Image/Sex Appeal: Gorguts look like old metal heads. They were mostly unshaven, had beer guts and long hair. These guys are not going to top some list of dreamboat musicians but that’s ok. As great as the music was it is always cool to see a more immersive experience presented by bands, especially one with such a large sound. The possibility for cool theatrics and metal props abound with their music would have been cool to see. That being said, Gorguts are the real deal, old metal heads showing their prowess in a genre they built.

Overall: Gorguts are great if you have any interest in heavy music. They proved that the bands that started the genre have not been left in the dust by new progressive heavy music. It also shows that all they need to succeed is a solid album. I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of people that showed up to party at a death metal show on a Wednesday night and hope more bands like Gorguts make Ottawa part of their tour.

Photos by Oliver Leniuk

Review by Joe Ryan


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