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Grimskunk – Sneaky Dee’s – CMW 2014

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Grimskunk – Sneaky Dee’s – CMW 2014

Grimskunk - Sneaky Dee's - May 8th 2014-3779

Who: Grimskunk
From:Montreal, QC
Where: Sneaky Dee’s
When: Thursday, May 8th, 2014

Total Score: 9/10

Style: Political Ska-Punk

Crowd: Sneaky Dee’s was getting more packed by the minute due to a very strong line-up. Even though there were some people at the back and near the bar, most were concentrated near the stage rocking out and moshing to the infectious sound of Grimskunk.

Image: While most of the members of Grimskunk are super-chill on stage, the singer/keyboardist Joseph Burnett manages to find time to jump around the stage when he’s not producing evil horror-inspired sounds on his keyboard.

Memorable Song/Moment: “Set Fire to the Nation” is an obvious hit.

Comments: Grimskunk are always an absolute joy to listen to live. They bring so much positive energy into the room, that you can’t help but move to their groove and join them in their message. Grimskunk are one of those rare bands that can bring an array of different musical and lyrical elements together flawlessly and appeal to fans of different genres.

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Written by: Raya P Morrison
Photos by: Andrej Ivanov