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Halifax Pop Explosion – Dub Kartel

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Who: Dub Kartel
Where: The Seahorse Tavern
When: Saturday, October 25th, 2014

Crowd: The Seahorse reached it capacity long before the band went on stage — easy to say that the place was packed.

Style: Raggae

Technicalities: The band didn’t appear to have any technical issues. Everything ran smoothly and the sound was great!

Memorable Moment: During the bands second song they invited a guest onto the stage. This got the crowd super pumped and crowd members from the front of the dance floor to the back bar were dancing.

Image: Raggae — fun and funky

Comments: Dub Kartel has great energy on stage and gets their crowd pumped up and moving. They’re definitely high on my list of bands to see when I’m looking to break out the old dance moves. I recommend their shows to anyone who’s looking for a guaranteed good time on the dance floor.

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