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Halifax Pop review Big John Bates

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Big John Bates Halifax Pop 2012

Big John Bates Halifax Pop 2012

Total Score: 9.6/10

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Who: Big John Bates
Where: Michaels Bar & Grill, Hfx NS
When: October 19 2012 @12am

Crowd: Started out as a sparse crowd of maybe 40, but fleshed out a bit to about 60 dancing folks. There seemed to be a good mix of young and old, country and punk. An interesting cross section. Whoever wasn’t there missed out big time. BIG time.

Style: Gothic/Southern/Hard Rock. All fucking epic.

Technicalities: Set started a little late do to some sound issues. The mic stands were adorned with animal skulls. The vocal duo of Brandy and John was intricate, and they shared the duties well. The technical skill overall was incredibly. JT Massacre on drums was impeccable.

Memorable Moment: Straight up, this was one of the best lives sets I have ever seen. Every time something awesome happened, it would get one-upped by something even more insane or awesome. There were blood curdling screams on the reg and numerous whole band instrumental solos that would melt your face off. During one such solo, JT Massacre played the drums standing up, he was beating them so hard. On two separate occasions, John first, and then Brandy, went for a stroll through the crowd and ended up playing atop the bar, much to the amusement of the tender. Brandy also performed balancing acts on her cello verging on yoga throughout the set. At another instance, John fed the the rest of the band members a shot while they played. They even tossed t-shirts to the crowd. It was an “anything goes” show. Every second was a memorable moment. I dreamt about it that night.

Sex Appeal: Stage drinking–and sharing!

Memorable Song: “Dig Yourself a Hole”. This was the tune where John held an expedition to the bar to play atop it and retrieve from beverages for his mates. It featured an incredible instrumental performance.

Comments: Blew my face off. Such a sick combination of gritty riffs, interesting vocal arrangements, and stage presence. The definition of “putting on a show”.

By: Cody Spence


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