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Hashtags and the Modern Band

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Photo fo Coldfront by Griffin Elliot

Photo fo Coldfront by Griffin Elliot

If Social Justices Warriors of the new millennium have highlighted any particular facet of the revolutionary digital age, it’s the irrevocable power and potency of the hashtag. The art of the hashtag can be essential to any budding band or artist, and equally detrimental if it’s looked over or misused.

From Twitter to Instagram and on all platforms in between, hashtags can be used to rally and connect your fans, as well as promote your art to previously unreached markets with similar interests. 

Here are five tips for effective usage:

  • Keep it Simple, Stupid. – Aim for a word or a phrase that is easily searchable and entirely relatable to your post. Stay away from long, run-on style sentences, they may be funny but are certainly annoying.
  • Clever is key. – Short and sweet, nothing will drive your message into someone’s brain quicker than witty wordplay.
  • Don’t abuse it. – If you’re asking yourself, ‘is this too many tags?’ the answer is almost definitely, yes. Exact quanity is circumstantial but as the age old adage dictates, quality should always be placed over quanity. And don’t be that person who tags random buzzwords that are often searched, keep it related to the post.
  • Do it for the fans. – Fans new and old can get behind a definitive rallying call. The more people you have using your cleverly crafted tags, the quicker they will come up when searched.

That’s it that’s all. Keep these tips in mind next time you take up your keyboard and you will surely prosper. It may be common sense but someone had to say it.

Griffin Elliot