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Headquarters – transformation and live review

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Whats the newest live music venue in the city? Headquarters was once the home of Junctions, with new ownership this place has transformed from the ashes like a phoenix.

Now a live music venue with nothing but live bands playing every day of the weekend and a few nights a week the acoustics of this place never sounded better. Knowing this place as its former predecessor I was impressed on how the vibe has changed, its amazing!

With its high ceilings, and an overlooking balcony upstairs one can pick if they want to sit by the bar and enjoy the band, be dancing on the dance floor or go upstairs to a more intimate setting. Not to mention the old pool table that still sits in its own place adding character to the room.

Starting the night was a band called Hinterland. Never having heard this band before, I was impressed with their grungy sound. With an acoustic, electric double bass and drums, along with 2 female lead singers, this band brought back memories of Courtney Loves band Hole. Playing all originals, I feel that this band is going places.

Next up was Catcher, originally from St. Johns. I was interested to find out what the buzz was regarding this band, having been told they were on the last leg of their tour. Once they set up and began to play I couldnt help but notice the pre-recorded soundtrack helping them out with the music. These guys are good musicians playing all originals, but this night they didnt live up to their hype.

Last up was a fairly new band called Tall Tales. This band was formed a little over a year ago and I was impressed with this band, and its sound. With a mixture of folk meets rock fusion, these guys put off a good show. They had the crowd tapping their feet and up dancing by the end of their first song, and some never got off the dance floor. Bringing a bass, an acoustic, keyboards, and drums into the mix these guys consisted of: Adam Baxter on Vocals/Guitar, Amanda Stellisano on Piano/Vocals, Ryano Taylor Bass & Jordan Pinksen Percussion. I have to say that I want to hear more from this band as well.

A thumbs up to the great crowd at Headquarters, I will be back to this venue once again to check out more live shows.

By:Lola Sutton