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Heavy Mtl 2015 full line up announced

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Heavy Mtl 2015 full line up announced

heavy mtl 2015

With the announcement of Alexisonfire earlier today, Evenko left a few surprises on the cutting room floor for their 2015 Heavy MTL line up announcement.

Mastodon will add weight to Slipknot, Gojira will remove any faith that Faith No More has left and Meshuggah will sweetly thicken up the weak sauce Korn soup lovers.   It’s also nice to see Lamb Of God returning to one of the best Metal Festivals in North America.

Veterans Warrant and Dokken will be in good company with doom metal legends Pentagram.   Prog Metal and post rock fans will be pleasantly surprised to see Periphery and Deafheaven on the bill, while Testament and Arch Enemy add icing to the cake for diehards.

We have to offer a humble thumbs up to: Omnium Gatherum,  Battlecross  and Toronto band Intervals.  Let’s raise a glass in the hopes that some more thick sauce is added to even out the mix last minute.