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Indie Week 2015 delivers new talent

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The week of shivery bar hopping has come to an end. Indie Week 2015 held up its’ promise to deliver new talent to the Toronto scene and left some toasty memorable vibes.

The stand out night for me was 94.9 THE ROCK Generation Next Showcase Friday Oct 16.    Outside of the MOD club stood a 40ft inflatable bottle of Jack Daniels. If the free shots of JD didn’t warm you up from the chilly October night, The Awareness did.  There wasn’t much of a crowd for their set but spirits were high as they rocked the ‘Osh’ out!   They are from Oshawa you see.

With the spark in place, Toronto’s Rebel Hero lit up the stage with their ear splitting solos that could turn even the saltiest of critics to sweet.    Slick and primed the band played some new tracks including ‘Foot in the ground’ a new foot stomping track.    I should ad that Rebel Hero are one of the most dedicated bands in Toronto right now.     The dance floor and party seemed to start once ‘Andrea’ was played.

Toronto via Dartmouth’s The Dead Projectionists were up next.  The band has made some waves in the Toronto scene in the past year having played just about every stage including The Phoenix and The Legendary Horseshoe Tavern.  Their refreshing sound was led by guitarist Al Purcell who had an endless amount of delightful chops.

Victoria + Jean an electro/rock band from Europe are very unique with a strong front woman leading the way.   The band has some similarities to American rock band Paramore, but missed the ball on overall execution. It was hard to tell the moment they transitioned from soundcheck to performance or where songs started or ended. With maracas, bongos and other experimental sounds/instruments, there were moments I thought the fire alarm went off. I definitely did not take enough drugs to understand this band.

Speaking of strong front women, have you heard of Sever aka Skye Sweetnam.  Sever fronts 2013 Indie Week winners Sumo Cyco and takes no prisoners.   The band you wish your wore a diaper before seeing, Sumo Cyco, packed the dance floor.   Sever ventured into the audience early in the set, high fiving bartenders and making sure everyone was paying attention.    If every head in the room wasn’t turned, a cover of Macklemore’s ‘Can’t Hold Us’ certainly did the trick.  They ended with ‘Fighter’ as the first and only mosh pit of the night broke out.

As the night went on, anticipation for the final act, Last Bullet, was high. The audience cheered as they eased into ‘State of Confusion’.   When their well known track ‘Jet’ kicked in the audience started to sing along word for word.   Last Bullet teased with a few songs from their new album and sealed the set with a cover of Audioslave’s ‘Show Me How To Live.’

Indie Week 2015 featured over 200 bands in over a dozen venues.   The finals happen tonight at The Mod club.

Taylor North

The Scene