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Indie Week – Laugh At The Fakes – (Indie Week 2014)


Indie Week – Laugh At The Fakes – (Indie Week 2014)

Laugh At The Fakes Cover

Who: Laugh At The Fakes
From: Toronto, ON
Where: Hard Rock Cafe
When: Friday, October 17, 2014


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The Crowd: Around 40 people scattered before the stage and around the bar. Overall it was fairly tame with a few excited watchers, a typical opening band reaction.

Style: Hard Rock/Metal

Technicalities: No issues other than starting later than advertised, causing their last song to be cut from the set.

Memorable Song/Moment: ‘Death Awaits’ was their most complex and attention-grabbing song, with excellent crashing cymbals and a brief dual guitar solo.

Image: The usual rock/metal garb of jeans and a t-shirt.

Comments: Laugh At The Fakes are a stiff blend of hard rock and heavy metal, average enough to draw the attention of a varied crowd, and talented enough to set themselves apart. Alternating between two styles of clean vocals, the songs were catchy and melodic with riffs and solos, and hard-hitting drum beats. You might expect more in the realm of stage presence from a band of four years than standing in one place, and some slight theatricality with spinning drumsticks, but what they lacked in movement was made up for in musicianship. They still have a ways to go on the live show, but the music behind it is certainly of note.

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By: Luka Riot
Photos: Jason Hodgins