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Indie Week – Matt Blais (Indie Week 2013)


Indie Week – Matt Blais (Indie Week 2013)

Matt Blais - Cherry Cola's - October 17th 2013 - Photo by Andrej Ivanov

Matt Blais – Cherry Cola’s – October 17th 2013 – Photo by Andrej Ivanov

Who: Matt Blais and the Heartbeats
Where: Cherry Cola’s
From: Calgary
When: Thursday 17th of October 2013


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Style: Country rock/ blues

Crowd: Although it was still early into the night, the crowd that came to see Matt Blais, despite being small, filled Cherry Cola, danced and jived to the country flavored sounds the band played. Although it was only partially full, the place felt filled to the brim. Frontman Matt Blais knows how to work a crowd and he is far from afraid of showing off his talents.

Technicalities: The band blends some old time rock n roll, mixing country, rock, & blues in a seamless fashion. Although I found Matt Blais could have had a bit more of a smokey voice for the style he played, it all fit like a glove, especially the harmonica solos. The smokey voice will come one day as well, with time.

Memorable moment: During the second song, lead guitarist pretended to kick the bassist, to which the bassist responded by flying back a bit. Simply put, it was a very well-rehearsed stunt. There is definitely a strong connection in the band and they are not afraid to show it.

Sex appeal: Matt Blais definitely has a certain charm about him. He may seem like a lady killer, with reason. His suave and seductive character seems to be a definite hit. He absolutely has a certain sexy je-ne-sais-quoi about him.

Written and photographed by Andrej Ivanov