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Indie Week review Doll

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Doll Indie Week

Doll Indie Week – by Stephanie T

Total Score: 7.2/10

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Who: Doll
Ottawa, Ontario
10:30 p.m. on Saturday October, 13
The Hideout

Pre-Show Hype: This band has previously played shows with bands such as Lacuna Coil and Spinnerette, just to name a few. Doll’s latest release is “The Ragdoll Diaries”, the band claims it’s their “best work to date” (as stated on their official Facebook page and Reverb Nation page).

Crowd: The crowd was less lively than the music towards the beginning of the set. But as the set progressed, they moved closer to the stage, began to dance, and even saluted their beer bottles to the band.

Style: Doll is a mix of grunge and punk: the “I don’t care” attitude of punk is complemented by the hard sounds and fury of grunge. Fronted by a female vocalist who is comparable to Care Failure (vocalist of Die Mannequin), her vocal attack is fierce. The band’s influences of 90s grunge bands also shines through their music; think, Brody Dalle meets Courtney Love.

Technicalities: There were no technical issues during the show. When Christina Kasper jumped into the crowd, she bumped into a table, but continued on with the performance (and that doesn’t even count). The show went on without a hitch.

Memorable Song: “FMO” was the most memorable song that Doll played. It’s full of fiery, angry lyrics and the band conveyed this fire through their performance.

Memorable Moment: In an attempt to energize the crowd at the beginning of their set, Kasper said to the crowd, “We only have a fifteen minute set so do whatever you want! Mosh, dance, or even jump on stage!” This clearly pleased the crowd and their enthusiasm for Doll increased.

Sex Appeal: This band’s got style for miles: from Kasper’s mini skirt to fox tail, to the drummer’s Dimmu Borgir t-shirt.

By: Alexia Kapralos

Photos By: Stephanie T


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