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Indie Week review The Killing Floor

The Killing Floor Indie Week

The Killing Floor Indie Week

Total Score: 7.6/10

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Who: Killing Floor
From: Brooklyn, NY
Preformed: 2am – Oct 10 (night),2012 – The Hideout


Pre-show hype: The Killing Floor’s second release Survival of the Fittest is full of sweet riffs and catchy hooks.  This was their first time playing Indie Week and we wanted to see what this band was all about

Crowd: 1/3 full filtering in and out industry types and some local regulars.

Style: Somewhere between mainstream and true 70’s rock. These boys remind me of Sloan, Nirvana, Foo Fighters and Jimi Hendrix and this is certainly in a very good way.

Technicalities: Good sound and lights for the most part

Memorable moment: These guys were very thankful to play Toronto Indie Week and very respectful to the crowd.  The entire set was memorable.

Sex appeal: Tight pants, leather clad New York boys and Alberici’s CBGB’s T-Shirt screams instant street cred!!!

Mentionable song: “Your Enemy”

Comment: Mark Alberici had a chance to show his Hendrix style ability towards the end.   However, I would have liked to see more solos throughout the performance.

By: Darrell Shelley


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