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Indie Week – Sleepless (Indie Week 2013)

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Indie Week – Sleepless (Indie Week 2013)

Sleepless - Bovine Sex Club - October 17th 2013 - Photo by Andrej Ivanov

Sleepless – Bovine Sex Club – October 17th 2013 – Photo by Andrej Ivanov

Who: Sleepless
Where: Bovine Sex Club
When: Thursday October 17th 2013

TOTAL SCORE: 7.4/10 

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Style: Post-Hardcore

Crowd: By the time I got back from Cherry Cola’s, continuing my Indie Week adventure,  the crowd had started to build at the bovine sex club. The bar patrons had started showing up but it became apparent that it was not for Sleepless. They sat around and drank while listening. Despite the fact that it was pretty full, the crowd wasn’t very energetic but seemed attentive to the music Sleepless played.

Technicalities: The crowd did not at all reflect the energy of the band. Quite on the contrary, the three piece set delivered a very strong performance. A lot of the songs sounded similar in tone and tempo but that doesn’t detract from the fact that these guys delivered. The vocalist mixed screaming into his very powerful higher pitched vocals. On a slightly negative note, the tuning changes did take a touch too long for my liking.

Sex appeal: It is definitely an amazing thing when a band can get together and sound really tight together. This three-piece set delivered the equivalent performance to that of a four-piece and even a five- piece band. They managed to produce enough sounds that blended together into the effect of many instruments. As a musician, I find that very sexy.

Memorable moments: memorable moments can come in a variety of shapes and forms. It’s rare that they are some moments that I can vividly remember as much as this though: between most of the songs, the guitarist had to retune his guitar and that always took at least a minute of complete silence. This actually entertained me and made me chuckle in an affection kind of way. It shows you’re still human after all.


Written and photographed by Andrej Ivanov



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