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Indie Week – The Unchained (Indie Week 2013)

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the unchained

The Unchained — Bovine Sex Club — October 18th 2013

Who: The Unchained
From: Toronto, Ontario
Where: Bovine Sex Club
When: Friday, October 18th, 2013

Total Score: 8.8/10

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Style: Instrumental metal

Crowd: By the time The Unchained took the stage, the club was packed, people were dancing, and thunderous applause concluded each song.

Sex appeal/image: Drummer Ryan Abramowitz has a short Mohawk, while guitarists Wolfgang Verbeke and Angelo Migliorisi sport the requisite metal long hair.

Memorable song/moment: Abramowitz’s face was delightful watch. His face alternated from a wide eyed, open mouthed O to the biggest grin I’ve ever seen. The band was having a hell of a time, and the crowd loved it.

Comments: As an instrumental band, the songs were punctuated by guitar solo after solo, alternating between the two guitarists. Later, a third was added and the sound grew. It was a great set, definitely a band to check out.

Written by: Nico Mara-McKay
Photos courtesy of The Unchained


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