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Intronaut Woos the Annex Wreckroom – Toronto Live Review

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Intronaut Woos the Annex Wreckroom – Toronto Live Review



Who: Intronaut
From: Los Angeles, California
Where: Annex Wreckroom, Toronto, ON
When: June 18, 2013



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Crowd: The crowd was pretty diverse from what I could see. Intronaut doesn’t play music that caters to any one kind of person I guess! Though there wasn’t any outrageous dancing or rocking-out at any point in the set, it was easy to tell everyone was pretty into it: a plethora of blank expressions and heads bobbing along to the music.

Style: Down-tempo and sludgy metal, with lots of clean sections thrown in. Kind of reminded me of Tool-meets-Mastodon.

Technicalities: Sound was superb for the entire set. Everything merged with each other and mixed well; vocals were never too loud and the bass was never too quiet. The band in its entirety was also at a great volume – not so loud that my ears were ringing afterwards but loud enough to feel the bass as much as I heard it.

Memorable Song/Moment: There wasn’t any particularly memorable song during their set, but it was interesting and intricate music. The songs kind of blended into each other and the band only introduced one song near the end of the set. The set outro knocked my sock’s off! The drummer and the bassist played a groove as the guitarists/vocalists walked off the stage; interesting way to finish off the night!

Sex Appeal/Image: This is where Intronaut is on an entirely different level than most bands I have ever seen. Before the set started they turned on the fog machines and the trippy laser/light show. They also had a visual-alchemy video (kind of like a specialized visualizer from iTunes) playing behind them the entire time, setting the mood of the music. Though there wasn’t much crowd interaction, other than a ‘thank you for coming’ near the end, they had the attention of everyone in the room right from the start. Super-interesting to watch and be a part of. I felt like I was experiencing the music more than just standing and listening.

Comments: Intronaut is one of those bands that I hadn’t had the chance to listen to before seeing them live. I had heard a bunch about them online, but simply never got around to clicking on that link to check them out. Now that I’ve heard their music I’m excited to delve right into their catalog and start listening. More than worth the price of admission, check them out when they come around again!


Review: Omar Badawi
Photos: Stephanie Tran


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