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Jackson Browne – Running on Empty

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Jackson Browne running on empty

Jackson Browne running on empty

Running on Empty (Browne)   10.0
The Road  (OKeefe)     6.8
Rosie  (Browne, Miller)     7.2
You Love the Thunder (Browne)     8.0
Cocaine (Davis)     9.0
Shaky Town (Kortchmar)     6.9
Love Needs a Heart (Browne, Carter, George)     6.1
Nothing but Time (Browne, Burke)     7.0
The Load-Out (Browne, Garofalo)     8.5
Stay (Williams)   10.0
Ave   7.95

Released – in 1977 on Asylum Records. Produced by Jackson Browne
Jackson Browne
– Lead Vocals, Guitar, Piano
David Lindley – Fiddle, Lap Steel, Vocal Sample
Russel Kunkel – Drums & Percussion
Leland Sklar – Bass
Graig Doerge – Keyboards
Danny Kortchmar – Guitars, Backing Vocals
Doug Haywood – Backing Vocals
Rosemary Bulter – Backing Vocals
Joel Bernstien
– Backing Vocal on “Rosie”


Although a concept album about life on the road, Running on Empty is no normal concept album at all, as it was recorded live while out on the road. It isn’t really a true live album either, as far as the way the songs on here were recorded, with some of them made on the tour bus, some in hotel rooms, and just a few recorded up on stage. Plus, unlike most live albums, all of these numbers came from either covers, or new and previously unrecorded material by Jackson Browne and friends.

A very much mellow flowing LP, the best song found on here is its kick-off song and the album’s title cut “Running on Empty”, yet another rock song about another rolling stone, this time with the traveling man being Browne himself. The next best song closes out the LP with the cover “Sway”, which is actually attached to the preceding song “The Load-Out”. Written about roadies, it starts off a bit on the slow side and picks up some steam as it moves along. One more winner found on here is a cover of the Rev. Gary Davis’ song “Cocaine”, with some added lyrics written by Browne to personalize the tune a bit.

No, not your typical Jackson Browne offering, with many of the songs written by others, but this one was his biggest selling album and some feel one of the best that he ever put out.


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