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Jai Me – New Years Eve Adventure

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With a ton of shows to choose from it wasn’t easy to pick just one so I choose three:

My new years kicked off in Mt Pearl, watching the fireworks going off all over the city. I can only imagine this is what it must be like being a war photographer, explosions and sparks going off everywhere that’s exactly the same yet completely different isn’t it. I headed down shortly after the fireworks to listen to some tunes and snap some pix. There were more people downtown then I expected, lines up everywhere I remember thinking “how long is it gonna take to get served?”

I started off with those lasers down the levee.    The crowd was pumped and the boys put on a good show.











After a few drinks I headed over to the deck to catch the 2012 New Years Punk Bash at distortion.  Icebreaker, Weak Link, Harbourside, The Potholez, Crossboners, and More Abuse for $5 it was totally worth it.

Everyone was really into the heavier sounds.









Next I headed over to CBTGs to see the New Year’s Eve Drunktacular featuring a collection of the bars favourite acts such as The Drunks, Be Alright, The Strangled, and Danielle Trouble.







Just a typical night on the deck if it wasn’t for the constant reminders of happy new years I wouldn’t have even realized what day it was.   When the clock struck midnight someone had to remind me that it was 2012…and all I could do was look up at the stars and think: wow we’ve made it this far, whats next?

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