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Jonny Fox from The StandStills on rock 'n' roll

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The StandStills are a two-piece rock ‘n’ roll powerhouse coming from Oshawa, Ontario. Jonny Fox and Renee Couture have seen great success since their founding in 2008. They look to continue on in the ever changing, ever growing rock scene as they are currently in the midst of recording a new single and heading on an Eastern Ontario Winter 2014 tour. After gaining much attention and encouragement from local media, Ottawa radio station 106.9FM The Bear is joining forces with Spectrasonic to bring The StandStills to Mavericks on Friday, January 31st. They will be headlining with support from Ottawa locals in Torn Beloved, The Dead Centuries, and Metronome Jones.

Scene Mag’s Ali Wilson caught up with Jonny Fox to talk about his band and the state of today’s rock ‘n’ roll music scene.

Standstills NXNE 3Why did you decide to kick of your 2014 tour at Mavericks?

Because we love Ottawa. The few times we have played there it keeps growing bigger and bigger and this time around we have a lot of support from the Bear, it’s a no brainer. We are happy to be at Mavericks and Mavericks is happy to have us.1504340_598338506904837_1518447955_o

Well that’s great, we are happy to have you. What is your preferred type of venue to play at?

Preferred type of venue? A full venue. Honestly it does not really matter if there are people there, people are digging what were doing and are having a good time anywhere really.

You are quoted as saying, “when there is no scene left, the only thing that carries on are the songs.” Where do you see the rock scene heading in 2014?

Well that’s a loaded question. A lot of things are going backwards as far as how things used to be with certain types of rock ‘n’ roll. Blues being very popular and a lot of people getting into grunge stuff again- there’s a lot of that emerging especially with all of these Seattle bands coming back out.

There is also a lot of different mixing of genres and bands just do whatever is working for them, like mixing instruments and experimenting with other band’s tracks, it’s a big mix. But I do feel like rock ‘n’ roll is growing again in the underground scene because of the Internet. A lot of bands and a lot of people getting together with other people and being able to book shows, everything is online as far as getting supporters. I feel like it will probably continue like that.


Yeah definitely, now just speaking about genres you describe yourself as hard rock southern metal and blues, could you explain that more for people who aren’t familiar with it? 

I always just say we are a rock ‘n’ roll band, but those are some of the things that people describe about our music.


Yes, it’s an interesting combination.

As far as what we write and do, we jam and its rock ‘n’ roll, like going from one song to the next it can be very different. There can be a different kind of element in there. There is basically just a lot of energy and it gets heavier. That’s kind of what I’m trying to get at, but its very hard to describe us as a specific sound because everybody loves to say they are unique but people have to compare it to something. You want to be recognizable and if we are then that’s great. 

Now you guys do have a very unique sound, but whom would you compare yourself to artistically?

I guess it depends on who we are listening to the most at the time. We always try to do our own thing like we never try to purposely mimic something else. Being a two-piece we do get the White Stripes reference. 

Yes that does make sense.

But it’s never been like a plan of ours to be or change anything to be like that band.

We think they are great, but they have never been something that we are trying to be like. We basically just decided to be a 1546245_10152086323511702_892863174_ntwo-piece band and its Rene playing the drums and me on vocals and guitar. We loved their music anyways and people say we remind them of [the White Stripes] but I’m not really sure.

As far as music and stuff goes I listen to a lot of hard rock stuff and alternative and blues. I’ve always listened to grunge music and Nirvana, I love Nirvana. I also love a lot of the new stuff that’s coming out today too, I know Rene is a huge Incubus fan and she loves a lot of similar bands too. We’re kind of all over the place really, just because there is so much great stuff out there. 

Okay, now my last question: where would you like to see The Standstills in the future?

Continuing to grow, we would love to tour more to the West coast and more in the States and Europe as well. Getting into different parts of the world would be amazing. We get messages a lot from people online wondering when we are going to do the UK, so it would be really great to have the opportunity to be lucky enough to play there.

Do not miss The StandStills in Ottawa on January 31st!


Interview and words by Ali Wilson

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