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Kenny Robinson’s Ford Follies

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Ford Follies


Dean for The Scene

Its late on a Sunday night. My bones hurt, and I’m very tired. I just spent the weekend juggling between shows, podcasts, and moving into new digs with a young comedienne I somehow tricked into cohabitating with me

But with a soft three pint gloss complimented by my all-day regimen of poison-black slow roasted jet fuel warming me over, I’m ready to go! I’ve just wrapped up my own weekly open mic, and now I’m sitting in the sticky Jimmy Hendrix haze of the Underground Cafe. As far as “vapor rooms” go in this town (and there are a lot of them), the Underground is one of the top dogs. One of the cult favorites – the POT comedy scene’s answer to an off-the-radar comedy club. Well, maybe not so off the radar for the true green comedy fans in this town

“This is the only vapor room I regularly play” according to Kenny

Kenny Robinson is a true original in Canadian comedy. He’s been around just as long (or longer) than any Canadian comedy institution – whether we’re talking widely known club chains, or tenured network TV series. And much like a long-running TV series in Canada, making it work for 4 decades in “Canadian showbiz” is pretty perplexing. Rare, like a good ribeye oughta be

Kenny has done it all, and seen it all – at least so far in his career. He’s a veteran of the comedy wars. He’s watched this country’s biggest comedy exports begin, arrive, and then leave, called out to the siren-filled rocks of the Golden Coast. And he’s kept holding his own here on this frozen white soil of ours, surviving, doing it his way

Tonight, Kenny’s hosting what could be described as a marathon comedy show – clocking out at nearly three hours, he’s dressed (as always) like the dapper don of Canuck comedy. Working the crowd like a speedbag, and keeping these baked up beauties locked in and laughing for the runtime of a Peter Jackson directors’ cut. They’re loving it

Its a long show, but it stays funny and on point. That part, is key!

Long running, and staying relevant and sharp – that’s kinda Kenny Robinson’s *wheelhouse. His own “Nubian Show” showcase at Toronto’s flagship Yuk Yuks has been going strong for a staggering 19 years, still selling out and turning away wannabe crowd past max capacity!

Again, no small thing

His “Rank & Vile” tour with the fast & furious Darren Frost just wrapped another Canadian tour, having played just about every town in this country with a sense of humor. Some, maybe not so much, but I’m sure they made it work

But I’m here to talk to Kenny about his latest endeavor – “The Ford Follies”

My tape is rolling. This week, Kenny is the guest de rigueur on my “Forever Young” podcast, and I’m here to get the lowdown on this cherry new gig he’s put together

Kenny has assembled what he’s calling the ‘TORONTO COMEDY COUNCIL’ – as he puts it, “Toronto’s comedy elite”. Fair ’nuff!

This Thursday night, at the city’s LEGENDARY El Mocambo (“the Stones Played the Elmo man!”, as Kenny says) the Toronto Comedy Council presents “THE FORD FOLLIES: AN EVENING OF UNAPOLOGETIC FORD BASHING”

With such nationally known acts as Alan Park & Craig Lauzon (Royal Canadian Air Farce) Steven Kerzner (aka Ed the Sock) Mark Walker (Comedy Now) and Simon Rakoff (CBC’s ‘The Debaters’). Plus a couple of local crowd killers & indie favs, like Yuk Yuks’ Mike Rita (host of his own cult status sell-out pot room, with “Stoner Sundays”) & Ford bashing enthusiast Sherryl Cowden

Will our mayor ever stop getting his rocks off?

Fat jokes are too easy, but how much calories are there in a mouthful of p*ssy?

Does the kitchen ever close at Ford’s all-you-can eat pussy buffet?

Is this a Lefty/Righty thing anymore?

How tolerant is Ford’s wife?

And, yadda yadda obligatory Chris Farley comparison

Should we give a shit?

Yup, we should.

Kenny makes a good point – the late show hosts in the U.S have been having a field day with our eggplant-faced, walking cardiovascular calamity of a mayor. Why aren’t WE?

As I’ve always said, Canada is a country without a late show – but I’m working on that

In the meantime, Kenny & his council are going to take it to the mic, down at the Elmo. And they’re ready to lay the beats to Bobby & Doug like we ain’t never seen yet

And after they finish with Ford?

“Well, we’re never finished” says Kenny. “But we wanna go provincial, and then maybe even work our way up and take care of Harper”…

Hopes are, says Robinson, that the national media will pay attention. If they’re smart. Sky’s the limit, when you’re pulling no punches on Ford nation

Does the good mayor deserve the comedy assault that’s surely coming his way this Thurdsday December 5th at the El Mocambo?

Well, since we’ are in a vapor room I’ll leave you with the very appropriate “Ever thus to deadbeats, Lebowski!”

You can catch Kenny Robinson’s full interview this Thursday on “Forever Young with Dean Young & Friends”, on itunes and the Pod Almighty Network. And if you like it, subscribe! Then share it! ‘Cause like Kenny says, we gotta get work!


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*Comedy Editor’s Note: If you’re one of those people who doesn’t like the word ‘wheelhouse’, you can take this opportunity to felate me

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