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KITCH Me If You Can

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KITCH is cool as fuuuuuck! Like, it looks like a place where those girls on the TV show GIRLS would go to a rave, and one of them would end up doing MDMA (probably either the British one, or David Mamet’s hyper-ass daughter, or maybe even Gaby Hoffman who is terrifying in that show), and they’d spend all night drinking TANG and rubbing their thighs and staring at the graffiti murals on the walls.

Fuck yeah I watch GIRLS! It’s a well written, sardonically funny, brutally honest comedy. It’s entertaining as shit. And it’s smart. Wicked smart. Plus I also have a bit of a Bromantic crush on Adam Driver. That dude has become my new favorite actor, especially now that Dennis Hopper has been gone a few years and I can move on (rest in peace, Frank! This Pabst Blue Ribbon’s for you!)

For the record, my favorite movie growing up was also Fried Green Tomatoes. Don’t like it? Come at me bro. TAWAAAAANDA!

Jesus, see this is what happens when you are your own editor.

Anyways, since KITCH opened its doors in the sexy, sweaty, sweltering summer of 2012 (the year I ate weed cookies and Snoop Lion blew my goddamned mind at Osheaga. Rizzle Dizzle/One Love) KITCH has become a hotspot for live music, DJ nights, and hot neighborhood jams. With a massive, tricked out loft space converted into a haven of sound and relaxation – and it’s also home to Bloordale’s best Goddamn nachos!

On Thursday nights, it’s all about the comedy. In 2012 my sometimes comedy partner in crime Natasha Henderson moved her cult classic ‘Starving Artist’ show into the chromed-out, graffiti’d up bowels of KITCH, and it’s been a hit ever since

(This is what our posters looked like when it first launched)

Canned LaughsKITCH


2 years later, KITCH is home to one of Toronto’s most sought after comedy shows. Every week, we pack it and stack it with the most insane Pro/Am lineups one the indie tip. 

And we don’t charge cover! (*NOTE – I, Dean, your weekly host will definitely encourage you to load up on the famous $5 menu, the kickass nachos, and the tall frosty local brews)

Every week, KITCH crowds flock out to get pummeled by fresh new punchlines from some of Canada’s most notorious comics. And Toronto’s top young crowd killahs! Even a few new comedy virgins, sacrificed to the lions LIVE onstage.

Hey, we all start somewhere! Besides, we run a warm room at KITCH. Our audience is Grade A inspected and cleared for maximum comedy appreciation, co-operation and only the most welcome participation

Thursdays at 9 is when it all goes down. Bryan Jackson (KITCH, The Starving Artist) and his crew invite you to sit down for some grub, and stay the standing up. It’s always a good time!

We’re award nominated! Sure its by other comics… but it still counts, motherchucklers!

We feature comics you’ve seen on Comedy Network, Comedy Central, CTV, CBC, NBC, late night TV, Bite TV, ichannel, MTV, Much Music. Hit web series, festivals and standup specials here at home and across the US. Comics you’ve heard on Sirius XM, CBC Radio and podcast networks like Pod Almighty. And every week you get to see them hone, polish & test drive raw real material right before your eyes!

So what are you waiting for? KITCH. Be cool.


WEDNESDAY JUNE 11, on a special night! 

MARK LITTLE! (Picnicface, Variety’s ’10 Comics to Watch’, #JFL42)

TODD VAN ALLEN! (CATP podcast, Absolute Comedy & favorite KITCH guest host!)

FRASER YOUNG! (George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight, “Food, Medicine & A Surprising Amount of Math” from Comedy Records, out now on itunes!)  


DIANA BAILEY! (CK Potcast, Cream of Comedy, Toronto Comedy all-Stars)

KRIS BONAPARTE! (Comedy Lounge Toronto & Montreal, Realest Shit I Ever Wrote) 


+Special guests as always

So I guess we’ll C. U Next Thursday! (AND this Wednesday! Don’t forget)


We’ll even tell you a story or two…

Fried Green


(“To this day, that lake is somewhere over in Georgia…” – CALLBACK!)  


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