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KITCH Comedy Thursdays

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When KITCH comedy first began in the hot, humid summer of two thousand and eleven years post-Christ-death, it was a special time. I was an olive skinned young boy of 28, discovering the wonders of my body, and the universe & places around me. I wanted to make the whole world pregnant with my young seed, and vice versa my friends. I wanted to pick the berries directly from the groves, and rub the dirt away with my own hands. I saw A$AP Rocky sing all his different raps in Montreal (the dollar sign ‘S’ is important, we may come back to that later)   *Editor’s note – no we won’t, there’s no time for that

KITCH was founded by Natasha Henderson, a local MC & comedy producer of note. It was a follow up, in a new venue, to her cult classic Thursday show over at the Starving Artist, where I did my first ever set in Toronto in the autumn of 2011. I had prepped for months by drinking bourbon naked in a Hamilton bachelor apartment, crying in the shower, and chainsmoking Marlboro Reds to the sweet sounds of Bob Dylan’s “Blood on the Tracks”. Depression was my breakfast cereal, self-loathing was my precious mothers’ milk

The Thursday show at the Starving Artist (“Jokes, Waffles ‘N Suds” as it was known to a very exclusive handful of us in the bathroom one time) was a favorite among Toronto comics, and in the sultry summer of 2012 when Natasha moved it over to owner Brian Jackson’s new venu (like menu) at KITCH (229 Geary Ave) I began hosting the shaft off that hot little stud-mule more often than John Goodman on SNL (fun fact – I once shook John Goodman’s big, sweaty oven mitt of a hand at the coffee counter of a midtown Manhattan YMCA. We exchanged a very cordial “sir-off”, which could only be described as Coenesque, but that’s a story for another time)

I was covered in hot spurts of new, exciting comedy.

KITCH became very close to my (lack of a) soul, and I was a regular fixture. While Natasha & I produced a late show at Comedy Bar together, and one-offs around town, it was commonly assumed that KITCH was a mutual project of ours. Nope. I just liked to host it, and also the $5 menu was the closest I ever came to recreating the funny puberty/damp gotch feeling I got from eating the salmon dill-waffle bennies at the Starving Artist

One comic did say I was “uncomfortably close to KITCH, like a weird uncle in the back corner of a birthday party”, which was pretty accurate

So when Natasha asked my to take the reigns of KITCH at the end of last year, I was IN – like snap bracelets on the set of YTV’s “Catwalk” in 1992 

So in. I was so rave-IN! 

And here we are…

The show goes on!

Thursday nights at 9, NO COVER – in the laidback super stylin’ loft space of KITCH. It’s industrial, it’s sexy, it’s comedy, there’s art everywhere. Get into it! 


KITCH logo




229 GEARY AVE (Dufferin & Dupont)


Todd Van Allen (host Comedy Above the Pub podcast on 

Jeff Paul (Yuk Yuks, “Icebreakers” Comedy Festival, wings & beer champion)

Marc Hallworth (Sirens Comedy, VEST of Friends)

Lauren Mitchell (Hip Hop humorista, pop culture commentator)


And more special guests!

PLUS lotto!

Home of the FAMOUS $5 menu!

The Scene