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Darren “Mista D” Dumas, lead vocalist of Toronto based ska-punk band, The Salads, was a crowd favourite at KOI

Darren “Mista D” Dumas, lead vocalist of Toronto based ska-punk band, The Salads, was a crowd favourite at KOI

WHO: The Salads

FROM: Toronto, ON

WHERE: The Wax, Kitchener, ON

WHEN: Saturday, September 14


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STYLE: Ska-Punk

CROWD: The band took the stage at 10:45 p.m., almost later than any other band during the festival, including the headliner that night, Classified. Despite this, the band still managed to pack the house and the crowd was far from disappointed with the performance.


ABOUT: The Salads rose to popularity in 2003 with their self-produced album FOLD A TO B, garnering attention with classic, ecstatic songs like Roth Kung Fu and Get Loose. It was with these catchy anthemic songs that The Salads were able to have music videos featured on Much Music, as well as scoring them top spots in popular festivals like Warped Tour and Edgefest.

Since then, the band has strayed from the media limelight but hasn’t stopped doing what they love, making music and putting energy and passion into every live performance they give.


TECHNICALITIES: Dumas kicked the gig off with a track from their most recent album, all the while waving his towel in the air and showing off that big goofy smile that only he is capable of. At this point, the floor of Wax was still sparse with people but as soon as it was announced they would be taking the crowd back ten years, things began to quickly fill. As expected the band jolted into Get Loose, arguably one of their most popular songs and immediately the floor was alive with bodies, dancing, thrashing and singing along to the song’s insanely catchy hooks.

Despite being on the go for 15 full years, each member of the band still seemed fresh and tight, like they hadn’t missed a day of practice since their inception. Guitar player Dave Ziemba pulled off lead licks with ease and even incorporated massive sections of sweep picking in his solos; which for any guitar player worth his salt knows, is massively hard to pull off, even for the most practiced musicians. Both bass player Chuck Dailey and drummer Darrin Pfeiffer bashed out incredible grooves not missing a beat throughout the entire show. In fact, the band was so incredibly tight and well rehearsed that Dumas stopped the show midway through to ask the audience if a toque laying on the ground in front of him belonged to anyone in the crowd. After this, Dumas turned around to face the band and said, “all right, where were we?” instantly jumping right back into the song as if they had never stopped.


IMAGE/PRESENCE: Despite the grey in his beard, Darren “Mista D” Dumas, lead vocalist of Toronto based ska-punk band, The Salads, can still keep up with the youngest, snottiest punks in the scene; and he does it with more energy too.


MEMORABLE MOMENTS: The second to last song was an unbelievably awesome rendition of Van Halen’s Jump, but slowed down much more than the original. It was a nice way to round the whole show off, with Dumas grinning from ear to ear and encouraging everyone to jump along with him during the chorus.

Of course this was not the way the band was going to end a high-energy show. The final song, not to anyone’s surprise if you know the band, was Roth Kung Fu, easily their most popular and exciting song to listen to, whether it be live or on record. They closed out the show the same way they began, smiling, laughing and interacting with the crowd in a way only The Salads can pull off.


COMMENTS: In this journalist’s opinion, The Salads were the most exciting, high energy and fun band to watch in all of Saturday’s line up. My only complaint is that the band should have been on the main stage and given a longer set time.

If you missed out on this gig, you truly missed out on one of the best shows in the entire KOI lineup.


By: Ryan Goodyear


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