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La Roux at Virgin Mobile Corona Theater – Montreal Live Review

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La Roux at Virgin Mobile Corona Theater – Montreal Live Review

La Roux - Corona Theater - June 2nd 2014-6580

Who: La Roux
From: Brixton, London, England
Where: Virgin Mobile Corona Theater, Montreal


Style: British Synthpop

La Roux is a synthpop act comprised solely of British musician Elly Jackson. She performs with accompanying musicians, but the creation solely goes to her. When walking into the venue, I did not entirely expect that I would find the place full of twenty some-odds. As a matter of fact, I expected a slightly older crowd, mid-thirties and later. The show started about 10 minutes after the set 9pm time, but the moment Jackson came on the stage, the entire room erupted in cheers. The cheers persisted throughout the set, comprising every short break that they could. The crowd simply ate it up. One older gentlemen, in a dress shirt and tie was even seen dancing around the back of the venue, and left me chuckling at the sheer cool he had.

Jackson’s vocals are phenomenal, on par with her on-album works, but something ultimately felt completely lacking. The music felt dull, to some extent, as though it was one and the same song that kept dragging on. The only two songs that stood out were a rendition of “Going in for the Kill”, performed with Skrillex, and the song Bulletproof, her top single. Despite that, there was no interaction with the crowd, except for one instance where she walked around touching the crowd. She didn’t talk, she just danced and sang, and ended the show about 10-15 minutes early. To boot, the entire light show was comprised of back-lighting, meaning that the crowd couldn’t even see the performers on-stage. Overall, it was a very disappointing performance, completely lackluster, leaving a lot of room for improvement. I sincerely wish that I could say more than what I have, but there is nothing really more to say.

Written and Photographed by Andrej Ivanov

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