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Laughter Pussycats, KILL KILL KILL!

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TCM2 Mic


8 years ago, in the hot humid summer of 2006 — Jon Cowitz, Xerxes Cortez and a sadistic pack of Toronto comedians committed the first ever comedy massacre. Upstairs at the now legendary Fox & Fiddle on Wellesley.

TCM2 2!

In a brutal assault of relentless punchlines, volleys of merciless jokes, and savage unspeakable crowd work perpetrated by some of Canada’s  most notorious crowd killers — an entire audience, packed to the rafters of the Fox & Fiddle’s probably haunted top floor, was slaughtered  for 90 straight minutes.

Sides were split. Ribcages pummeled. Knees slapped beyond recognition. The tables were soaked with water and beer, as one innocent bystander after another laughed uncontrollably. There was no stopping the mayhem.

To this day, on the second Friday of EVERY month at the stroke of 8 — if you ascend the creaky stairs to the top floor of the Fox & Fiddle, you’ll hear it. The vomit-inducing, blood curdling sounds of brutal, uncontrollable LAUGHTER!

It’s all the work of these sick bastards — COWITZ & CORTEZ! And no, this here ain’t no folk singin’ duo

 Cowitz Cortez

Before they depart (Mwah ha ha) for summer vacay, these silly sociopaths have lined up one of the most fearsome rosters of murderous microphone assassins in 2014!

Just. For. YOU!

That’s of course… if you think you can survive.  




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