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lΛVΛl (Laval) – lΛVΛl l – Exclusive Stream

lΛVΛl (Laval) – lΛVΛl l – Exclusive Stream
Quebec is dropping its latest heavy hitter with the crushing riffs of Montreal’s lΛVΛl (formerly the Fashion Police). With some heavy metal powered by a supergroup of members from Trigger Effect and Mountain Dust to focus their efforts into the dense EP that is lΛVΛl l. With an intense amount of distortion, thumping and commanding drums, and riffs that will hook your ears to no end, the band are surely on their way to making a name for themselves in the Montreal scene, and considering their pedigree, it won’t take long for heads to start turning and followers to start lining up for the next record. Check out the exclusive stream below.

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Owen Maxwell


I take music however I can get it; live, through headphones or jamming in my latest project. Creating is my passion whether it be writing, music, radio, video or photography, and the itch is never scratched. I will geek out with you on anything from music to DC to having a conversation in multiple languages. I want to see the world, create something that will outlive me and learn as many languages as I can.


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