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Little Creatures – Little Creatures EP

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Little Creatures

Little Creatures


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Little Creatures is an independent, dynamic pop rock band from Toronto. Their EP, also entitled Little Creatures is the bands first release. The album was produced at the Pocket Studios with Chris Perry. Their sweet guitar riffs and slick melodies remind me of rock n’ roll from the 90’s. Being a 90’s kid, I find their music very refreshing.

Overall the album reminds me of bands such as: Lifehouse, Three Doors Down, and the like. But at the same time, they have a sound that is all their own. I was very impressed with this album, and after the second listen, I was already singing along to some of the lyrics.

The first track, Lovelorn, really stood out to me. I thought the lyrics were very clever, and the added background vocal harmonies really set it off. If they had to choose a single, this song would have my vote.

Good — Great lyrics, melodies, and an overall refreshing sound

Bad — I enjoyed it so much I wish there were more songs on it

The Ugly — No ugly

By: Shayla Miller

Lovelorn Really awesome, wouldn’t change a thing about it 10
Breakdown Very sexy, probably the heaviest track on the EP 8
Rainfall Strong tune, great lyrics 8
Out of Control Great pre-chorus/chorus 7
The Music Starts Catchy chorus, I was singing along right away 7


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