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CMW Live Review – Mo Kenney


CMW Live Review – Mo Kenney

Mo Kenney - Cred: Andrej Ivanov

Mo Kenney – Cred: Andrej Ivanov

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Who: Mo Kenney at the Randolph Theatre – Special Guest to Ron Sexsmith
From: Halifax, NS
When: Friday, March 22, 9:15 p.m.
Where: The Randolph Theatre

Crowd: Mostly 40-somethings who came for Ron Sexsmith, with a couple of random 20-something hipsters, a CMW reviewer, and overheard in the mess, a couple of genuine Mo fans. She was, however, still a star–they loved her, and her walk off the stage was followed by whistles, hoots, and wild applause.

Style: I’ve reviewed Mo Kenney before. I’m a huge fan of her mature guitar melodies and deep singing voice. She executes her songs really well and has a charming stage presence. She’s incredibly talented, with a powerful voice and instrumental skills to match–it’s hard not to be entranced while she’s onstage (or at least like her).

 Technicalities: Flawless.

 Sex appeal: I like when girls play guitar and wear button ups and I think that’s that.

 Memorable moment: Mo played a new song she wrote earlier this summer with a friend at songwriting camp, which she said made her “sound mean.” She later assured us that she was, in fact, not mean.

 Comments: Nova Scotia’s rising star performed a show that was a pleasure to watch and to listen to. As always.

By Sofia Mikhaylova
Photos By: Andrej Ivanov