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Montreal Live Review – Addington Lennox at Katacombes.

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Who: Addington Lennox.
From: Montreal, QC.
Where: Katacombes, Montreal, QC.
When: Saturday, June 8, 2013.

Crowd: Addington Lennox was the first band of two opening for the Swingin’ Utters and as it goes sometimes, the first band doesn’t always get the biggest crowd turnout. As the guys played on though, the venue began to fill up. One guy, who was an obvious friend of the band and on a first-name basis, danced and head-banged spiritedly and sang along loudly during the whole set. It was refreshing to see someone moving so much in the crowd.

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Style: Super-catchy Pop Punk. They played loud and with an energy that had me dancing for the eight-song set.

Technicalities: Heading into the second song, Cutting Ties, guitarist Franck Chevrier broke a string and then the poor guy’s amp started acting up on him. Lead singer and bassist, Phil Campeau, made a joke about “trying to plug the guitar into the amp next time”. Besides the minor technical issues, the set was tight, clear, and sounded just like it did on their EP.

Sex Appeal: Ladies, this is a band full of hotties! They dressed casually in t-shirts and jeans with the exception of Chevrier who wore a plaid button-down. Scott Loney, the band’s lead guitarist had an unmistakeable head of hair that was so headbang-worthy that I wanted to jump up on stage, touch it, and run away like a little fan girl! Campeau was tattoo-clad and his energy was infectious. And no, I can’t forget the drummer, Yves Boulay, who played the drums topless showing off a sexy chest tattoo.

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Memorable Moment: Loney was whipping out these intricate and downright rock n’ roll guitar solos throughout the set. Halfway through their song, Endless Repetition, he played a solo that provoked a fan to start bowing towards him at the front of the stage, while the crowd screamed and clapped to show their appreciation.

Comments: Heading to the show, I was stoked to see the headliners, Swingin’ Utters and I was surprised to find that the opening band of the night was actually my favorite set! The catchy, sing-along lyrics and good ol’ traditional pop punk filled the venue and reminded me of sunshine and summer days. The band’s merch table was decked out with t-shirts and yes, beer cozies with their logo on them. Campeau mentioned that it was the band’s second show and it was hard to believe from their stage presence and sync that they’ve only been playing together since December 2012. If you have the opportunity to see Addington Lennox, take it. You won’t be disappointed.

Written by Robyn Smith, Photography by Aria Riot


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