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Montreal Live Review – Alice Cooper at Rockfest 2013

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Who: Alice Cooper
Where: Amnesia Rockfest, Montebello, Qc
When: June 15th, 2013

Crowd: As far as the eye could see and beyond, people of all ages packed themselves in as tight as sardines in a can. They exploded in unison at the sight of the 65 year old rock legend and were relentless in their applause for the entire duration of his set. They sang along and must have been heard for miles and miles. Crowd surfers flowed over the security barricade in a seemingly need stop parade.

Style: Shock Rock

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Image: The amount of preparation this sort of show must take shatters the mind. Each song was performed in its own costume and with fantastic visual props and a brilliant theatrical performance. The legend was stabbed by a nurse, electrocuted only to return as a massive Frankenstein and beheaded on a guillotine, all in stunningly well performed set pieces. His elaborate costumes took an already amazing set to impossible heights as he put on one of the greatest live shows I have ever witnessed.


Memorable Song: Every song was taken from his classic back catalog, and each and every one was so well executed. Classics such as “I’m 18”, “Feed My Frankenstein”, “Billion Dollar babies”, “No More Mr. Nice Guy” and “I Love The Dead”. I wont even attempt to pick just one song; the set was the most memorable song, if that makes sense.


Memorable Moment: Again, so much to choose from. So many fantastic elements. Being showered in American dollar bills depicting Alice Cooper as president, or when he and his band booted gigantic inflatable balls into the audience or the synchronicity of the band itself, are all worthy nominees – but dragging out Marilyn Manson for a rendition of “School’s Out” that became Pink Floyd’s “Another Brick In The Wall” just barely edges ahead for the win.


Comments: I have seen thousands of shows over the years, and am seldom left to pick my jaw up off the floor. Alice Cooper ripped my face to shreds and tossed the bloody fragments all across the beautiful countryside of Montebello. What a showman! Nobody, and I mean nobody, puts on a show like Alice Cooper. The man is a legend and if the “Masters Of Mayhem” tour rolls into a town within a days drive from you, go! As simple as that, go! Thumb a ride, turn tricks in a dark, dank alleyway. Whatever it takes. Go.

Written and photographed by Kieron Yates.

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