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Montreal Live Review – Breached at The Rialto



Who: Breached
From: Toronto, ON
Where: The Rialto, Montreal, Qc
When: June 13 2013

Crowd: The independent music scene wasr eally happening tonight at The Rialto. 18 bands were scheduled to play, opening for headliners King Doom. The crowd was a mix of senior citizens, Gothics, metal heads, hipsters, and the in betweeners.Definitely an interesting crowd.

Style: Hard Rock / Alternative

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Technicalities: I have to give tons of credit to the sound and stage crew. They took very little time between bands setting up stage. It was pretty incredible. The Breached set ran smooth and the sound was perfect.

DSC_0248 DSC_0302

Sex Appeal: You basically get a bit of everything with this band. Neil Uppal, the band’s drummer, is the cute t-shirt and jeans-wearing kind of guy with a serious demeanor– but it’s easy to see his humor and overall awesomeness as he played his drums hard and tight. Bobby Noakes (vocals) is the big tall man with a shaved head, big arms and a voice that will make you melt. Ryan Alexander (bassist) is the hot headbanging mysterious bass player, who rocked the stage in some baggy shorts, a t-shirt, and Mike Diesel (guitarist/vocals) is the baby faced, tattooed babe you would want to sing and play guitar to you every night.

DSC_0244 DSC_0282

Memorable Moment: I was pleasantly surprised to hear two new songs. They rocked the stage and made the crowd scream, wanting more.

Comments: Because there were 18 bands playing, most were asked to play two tracks each – including Breached. I was very disappointed in this because I think Breached was one of the best bands on stage tonight, by far. I was fortunate enough to hear two new heavy songs; Left Behind and Piece by Piece. I was completely blown away by Bobby’s powerful pipes, along with Mike’s back up vocals and melodic/heavy guitar playing. The two of them put together make a beautiful duet. I loved Ryan’s headbanging moves and bad ass bass playing. The band overall has great chemistry on stage, and very good stage presence overall.”Bobby and I actually met over Craigslist when I was selling one of my guitars!” – says Mike Diesel. I was curious as to how Breached got together. Based on some info I have found, the rumor was they all met in a delivery room. I had to ask. Bobby and Neil (drummer) have actually known each other a very long time. “I had no idea Bobby had this incredible voice until years later!” says Neil. When Bobby met Mike they decided to form Breached along with Ryan and Neil. They are working on full length album at the moment, and a new video for “Left Behind.” Stay tuned.

Written by Liz Imperiale, Photography by Aria Riot