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Montreal Live Review – Lagwagon at Rockfest 2013

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TS13 0615 Rockfest-30 - Lag Wagon

Who: Lagwagon
Where: Amnesia Rockfest, Montebello, Qc
When: June 15th, 2013

Crowd: Those security guards that were on duty for Lagwagon’s set, will probably never want to hear the bands name mentioned again. One song into the groups set, the boisterous fans knocked down the fencing, keeping them out of the photo pit, resulting in the photographers getting pulled out for their safety and the security of their gear. Back Up arrived instantly and literally held up the gate for the duration of the set. It was quite the battle, too. I watched in amazement from the neighboring stage, almost focusing more on the crowd chaos than the band itself.

Style: Punk Rock

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Image: Remember the mid-90s skate punk scene? Yeah, well, not much has changed since then. A grey hairs maybe, but little else. These guys looked ready to nail kick flips in th parking lot after they got done shredding.

Memorable Song: The epitome of the crowds insanity came while the group played “May 16”, so as a nod to the madness of the crowd during what was a very delayed Lagwagon set, to the energetic reaction to this song, I nominate “May 16” as the bands best track of the day.

Memorable Moment: Playing No Use For A Name’s “Exit” in memorial of the late and great Tony Sly was a touching display of friendship that the band and the fans felt and could unite to. I had a feeling Lagwagon would do something to honor their fallen friend, and it still sent a shiver down my spine.

Comments: Originally slated to kick off the second days activities, Lagwagon were postponed due to the late arrival of Alice Cooper and Marilyn Manson. It was their gear that was to be set up for the main stages back-end and thus, no gear – no show. Seven hours later, Lagwagon climbed onto a much, much smaller stage, filling a slot left void by Discharge and the Cro-Mags whom where denied entry into Canada at the border. This stage, the Mitch Lucker memorial stage, sat directly next to the Tony Sly memorial stage – seeing how close Lagwagon main man Joey Cape and Tony Sly were, I thought that rather fitting. Tony was still at Joey’s side! It was here in Montebello, last summer, that Sly played his final show with No Use For A Name.

Written by Kieron Yates, Photography by Tim Snow. (

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