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Montreal Live Review – Madball at Rockfest 2013

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TS13 0615 Rockfest-14 - Madball
Who: Madball
Where: Amnesia Rockfest, Montebello, Qc
When: June 14th, 2013

Crowd: For an early evening show, people usually tend to get out of the premises to take a break and get a bite to eat. On top of that, having one of the biggest bands of the whole festival line-up simultaneously playing on the opposite end of the site, the amount of people who showed up for Madball’s set was quite surprising. Punks and hardcore kids, some older, some younger, all came out pumped and well prepared for their dose of pure NY HXC to be delivered straight into their two front teeth.

Style: Hardcore Punk

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Technicalities:  Madball really did play a great set at Rockfest. Aside from the bass being a tad too loud on a few occasions, the show sounded good and solid. Tight, snappy and heavy on point, killer breakdowns and mean vocals… nothing less to be expected from this staple of the east coast hardcore scene.

Image: Madball on stage look exactly as they sound: tough, mean, heavy and somewhat intimidating. Frontman Freddy Cricien was very engaging with the crowd. He was interacting with their fans, giving shout outs to the other bands performing throughout the weekend, and sharing a little piece of his mind through small spurs of preachy speech that gets us all hyped up.

Memorable Moment:  At the very beginning of the set, the band hadn’t even started playing yet. A couple notes were strummed on the bass for line check and that was just like cracking a match in the middle of a gas tank. All of a sudden, a massive hole was formed in the crowd and one of the craziest pits of the whole weekend just opened up. People were getting pumped, jumping around, trying to get those on the sides to join the circle pit. The buildup was intense, you could feel that as soon as the first punch would hit, people would explode. They surely knew how to do it the proper way. The very first song they played just grabbed you by the gut and made you want to lose it! The crowd kept going intensively right up until the last song, “Heaven and Hell”, which turned the whole area into a moshing zone!

Comments: It was interesting to see them in such a setting of an outdoors festival contrary to the smaller venues I have seen them before. They gave an excellent performance although, they most definitely could have played longer at a later time; some classics were missing from the set list and the attendance would have been larger if it wasn’t for the scheduling. All in all, it’s always a treat to be able to see Madball in concert. They absolutely rip it every time!

Written by Melanie Roy, Photoghy by Tim Snow (

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