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Montreal Live Review – The Offspring at Rockfest 2013

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Who: The Offspring
Where: Amnesia Rockfest, Montebello, Qc
When: June 14th, 2013

Crowd: A slight chill in the air didn’t prevent the masses from sticking around to catch the final band of day one, despite having already spent more than twelve hours rocking out in the blistering sun. Cheers broke out as the bands logo began to flash blue on the stage, moments before The Offspring kicked off with “All I Want”, causing the crowd to errupt in dance and song.

Style: Punk Rock

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Technicalities: I’m not sure if the band was out of key or if the sound engineer wasn’t up to par, but there were numerous moments were the group just didn’t sound right. Especially during older tracks.

Image: Still looking the way they did back when they first hit it large with the aptly titled “Smash”, minus the dreads.


Memorable Moment: Kicking off with “All I Want” really brought me back to the first couple of times I saw the band. In fact, the first three songs they played were older ones that had me believing that the group had realized that their solder albums were truly when the band was at its peek. It was short lived, though.

Memorable Song: Ending off the set with “Self Esteem” was probably the most predictable outcome possible, yet a fitting end to a good day. I remember literally wearing out my “Smash” cassette while in high school, and although I have heard this song live at least twice before, it was still a neat feeling to hear it again.

Comments: I was having a blast right up until the fourth song of the set, which was announced as being the title to track to their terrible new record, “Days Go By”. From that point, I rapidly lost interest as the sound was terrible, and so were the selection of tracks, which consisted largely of latter filler such as “Pretty Fly For A White Guy”, “Why Don’t You Get A Job” and “You’re Gonna Go Far, Kid”. It’s no secret that I stopped listening the band after “Americana” dropped in 1998, but I was still prepared to enjoy a band I once adored, instead I found myself severely disappointed. I didn’t feel the energy from the group anymore, like it has become more of a chore than playing for passion. Just my two cents, but there you have it.

Written and Photographed by Kieron Yates.

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