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Montreal Live Review – Walk Of Shame at Katacombes

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Who: Walk of Shame
From: Montreal, QC
Where: Katacombes, Montreal, Qc
When: June 8th, 2013

Crowd: The venue was spacious for this rainy punk rock night. It was quite humid, but the crowd was extremely energetic. Lots of tattoos, shaved heads, beards, and beers going around. Nothing new at Katacombes.

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Style: Punk/Rock ‘N Roll

Technicalities: I had a difficult time hearing Curt Gove’s vocals at the very beginning of the set, but that seemed to have subsided a song later. Aside from that, the set seemed to have gone really well.

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Sex Appeal: First thing I noticed was Curt Gove’s (vocals and lead guitar) t-shirt that said “Dirty” . Davey (lead and rhythm guitars) rocked out some flannel, and a fedora. Sebastien Cousineau (bassist) wore a SEKHEAD t-shirt, and jeans. Sylvia (drummer) wore a black top. These guys(and gal) are covered in tattoos – really rockin’ out the punk rock look. Can’t get sexier than that!

Memorable Moment: Walk of Shame played song after song with very little communication with the crowd. However, when Curt introduced “And Begin” to be about the times you get drunk and not get home til five days later, caused a lot of laughs – it was very relate-able.

Comments: It was my first time seeing this band. They played a kick ass set full of ridiculous musical talent, attitude, and energy. This band reminds me a little of The Sex Pistols, meets Dead Boys. Had the stage been bigger, maybe we would have seen more of this. Fun night.


Written by Liz Imperiale, Photography by Aria Riot


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