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Montreal's The In & Outs Cause Fan Frenzy

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The latest flame to rise out of Montreal’s musical blaze, The In & Outs – a high voltage electrifying rock trio – have just conquered France.

In the midst of their mini European tour, The In & Outs recently had the pleasure of playing the massive Festival Interceltique in Lorient, France to roaring, smashing reception, all caught on tape by a new die-hard fan.

The ten-day festival saw 4,500 musicians take to the stage with The In & Outs being one of the fest’s certain highlights, as can be seen in the just released 11-minute fan video that includes the band joining the crowd on the floor and the crowd joining the band on stage.

See the madness for yourself here:

Blending an expert mix of folk-guitar, funky-blues bass and reggae-jazz drums, The In & Outs’ vast influence of diverse genres from Johnny Cash to The Doors, passing through Elvis Presley and John Spencer, amongst others can be heard on such tracks ‘Boo My God’, ‘Me, Myself and My Guitar’ and ‘Often On The Moon’ from the bands 2009 debut full length ‘Ascending Back And Forth’.

Truly unique, The In & Outs have demonstrated more than a profound love of music. They also reflect the ups and downs of life and the essence of a society which is expressed in its eclectic lyrical content. In their own way, The In & Outs amalgamate a biting and realist poesy that they transmit to their public in a stream of energy.

The band is currently in production of their second album, set to be launched in late fall 2012. Until then, fans can delight themselves with three dynamic songs for pay what you want download from their recent EP, available on