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Night Marcher – Modern Maze – Album Review

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Modern Maze cover by Shaun Thomas

Salt Lake City’s Night Marcher, piloted by Rob Reinfurt, tours the genres of nostalgic rock music from folk to psychedelic on their latest album Modern Maze. The record hears Reinfurt fronting on guitar and vocals with Austin Nicholsen (Leftover Cuties, Brightside) on bass, Shaun Thomas (The Weekenders) on drums and Peter Adams (Macy Gray, John Oates, Josh Groban) tickling the ivories. Staying true to their name, Night Marchers according to Hawaiian legend are the ghosts of ancient warriors, the sound is exotic yet familiar.

The first song “Scars” has a slow, thoughtful folk feel while its predecessor “Broken Path” is strongly gospel influenced. They really drive the old-school vibe home on “Saint,” riffing in unison like GFR. “Holy Ghost” takes a newer spin on the sound, with indie rock vitality not unlike The War On Drugs, whereas “Shoved” sounds like a Jack White-collab with The Sheepdogs. 

Jazz themes prevail along with the blues on closing tracks “Screaming Jesus” and “Kro,” finishing the album with a practiced, nuanced heartache vibe. Closure is a fickle thing for a record, as an artist you want to give the sense that the story has ended but the tale is not yet finished and Reinfurt’s Night Marcher hits that metric quite successfully. 

Night Marcher 1 credit @thevortman

Griffin Elliot