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North by North East – Fucked Up (NXNE 2013)

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 North by North East — Fucked Up (NXNE 2013)

North by North East — Fucked Up

North by North East — Fucked Up

Who: Fucked Up
From: Toronto, ON
Where: The Legendary Horseshoe Tavern— NXNE
When: June 15th, 2013 — 1am

TOTAL SCORE:  8.4/10
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Style: Toronto’s most loved punk band.  Although their band name and artwork sometimes landed them in trouble, it didn’t stop the band from getting big – it did the opposite. The band just played Soundwave Festival down in Australia with System Of A Down and Slipknot.

Crowd: Full house!  People came and got fucked up!

Technicalities: Sound not a problem for a band like Fucked Up. This is not a Dream Theater show. However, their album always sound better than their live show.

Memorable Moment/song: Songs from their acclaimed 2011 third full length rock opera  ‘David Comes To Life’ witness the biggest reactions from the crowd.  300 pounds frontman Damian Abraham threw himself into a stage dive towards the end.  I thought someone would die for a second!

Sex appeal: It’s hard not to pay attention to  Damian Abraham (he reminds me so much of GG Allin). The fan loving singer was cool with stagedivers hugging him and interacted with fans like it was the band’s last show. He’s an engaging character, which is why fans have become so  loyal to Fucked Up.

Review: Giancarlo Cortez
Photos: Jason Hodgins

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