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North by North East – Steve Hill (NXNE 2013)

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North by North East — Steve Hill (NXNE 2013)

North by North East — Steve Hill

North by North East — Steve Hill

Who: Steve Hill
From: Montreal, Qc
Where: The Rivoli,  Toronto, ON – NXNE
When: June 15, 2013 — 1am

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Crowd: About 50 lucky people showed up to see Steve Hill.   Everyone was standing and staring in amazement. A couple of happy dancers took up space near the front of the stage for their own little party.

Style: Blues/Roots/Rock

Technicalities: It was loud and sounded like a full band.    Steve travels with his own FOH guy and leaves nothing to chance.  Snare,  bass drum, high hat, guitar and vocals all at once, played by one person = an awesome one man band!

Memorable Song/Moment:  Steve stopped for a moment to thank the crowd “I’m not rich but I keep doing what I love to do , the price of gas keeps goin’ up”.… then he broke into the Barrett Strong classic “Money (That’s What I Want)”.   Also Steve’s song “The Ballad Of Johnny Wabo” a song about his first time in Toronto was a very fitting end to the set.  It’s available here on his latest effort Steve Hill – Solo Recordings – Volume 1.

Sex Appeal/Image: Steve has a ton of die hard fans in Quebec.   Simply mention his name around any music circle in Montreal and heads begin to turn.  The solo man troubadour, has a rustic image that comes from a time and place where real musicians existed and great musicians thrived.  Steve is an old soul that in this day and age is often overlooked and may soon be forgotten if we don’t embrace it.

Comments:  Steve Hill is easily one of the best guitarists I’ve ever seen.  I”ve seen Steve Vai, Yngwie Malmsteen, Zakk Wylde, Steve Lukather, a ton of Jazz guitarists and Jeff Healey (every Thursday for a year before he died RIP), Steve is up there if not better than most of them.   It just so happens that he’s also a fantastic singer, songwriter and drummer.    Finally he manages to play all instruments simultaneously, when asked why, he says it’s out of necessity.    The simple truth is that promoters don’t pay like they used to and it’s really hard to keep a full working band on the road.

Steve Hill is a professional!  This means that he makes and always has made a living playing and recording music.   He’s not some hipster kid who works at an ice cream shop on the east end all summer long so he can save up to buy a new guitar.  Steve doesn’t have a day job, he’s not looking for some magic record deal.  He does what he does because it’s who he is and he’s gonna keep on doing what he’s doing.   If you ever have the chance to catch him live, do not miss the opportunity.

Review: Darrell Shelley
Photos: Jason Hodgins

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