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North by North East – White Cowbell Oklahoma (NXNE 2013)


North by North East – White Cowbell Oklahoma (NXNE 2013)

North by North East - White Cowbell Oklahoma Jager Girl

North by North East – White Cowbell Oklahoma Jager Girl

Who: White Cowbell Oklahoma
From:  Toronto, ON
Where: Lee’s Palace, Toronto, ON
When: June 14, 2013, 12 a.m.



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Crowd: Lee’s Palace was about 3/5 full for White Cowbell Oklahoma.   This is a band that normally draws a sold out crowd for Lee’s Palace Toronto. It was a little disappointing that more people didn’t trek down in the rain to see them. However there were still several hundred people there, but this is White Cowbell f*cking Oklahoma, rain or no rain there is no excuse for missing these guys live!!!! The showmanship put on display did not go unappreciated (especially when they were pouring free Jagermeister down people’s throats from the stage). The crowd were part of the show and they dove right in.

Style: Psychedelic Rock/Circus Rock, Avant Garde

Technicalities: Sound was great and simple. From a tech/safety standpoint I’m amazed the roof didn’t catch fire from the flaming cowbells and grinder sparks, but hey, danger is at the heart of all good Rock n Roll.

Memorable Song/Moment: Every single second! Cowbell master Chainsaw Charlie, as he is affectionately known, risked his own and everyone else’s safety to display some of the finest, manual, on-stage pyrotechnics you’re likely to come across. Fire rained over the crowd as classic rock riffs pounded their senses.

Sex Appeal/Image: Six members donned in cowboy getup. Call it circus rock if you want, but a spoof it most certainly was not. Their Southern tinge comes packed with tongue-in-cheek fun but they’ve got the riffs to back up their image. Sex appeal? Well, when you’ve got a hot, leather clad, rock-chick drowning the audience in Jäger what’s not to find sexy?

Comments: This has been the only time I can safely say “needs more cowbell” does not apply. Needs more flaming cowbell? Maybe. We certainly got enough tonight to satisfy, but I’ll be going for seconds the next time they play. If you want a show, go see these guys. Characters, tunes and free liquor. One of the best hows at NXNE, I dare you to say no.

Review: Feargal Daly
Photos: Andrej Ivanov

North by North East - White Cowbell Oklahoma Sparks

North by North East – White Cowbell Oklahoma