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Not the heavy metal poker face list that you would expect


Three heavy metal bands that break the image of the angry metalhead

@metalhead aka angry cynic

@metalhead aka angry cynic

An expressionless face is often associated with the poker greats who can make a fortune on some of the latest non gamstop casinos online in the blink of an eye. These “poker faces”, which bely no discernable emotion, are widely thought to be very useful weapons when playing the 200-year-old game. Whilst playing in a digital format at makes poker faces less important, they are still an excellent arrow to have in your quiver. One study, however, found that going emotionless may not be a poker player’s best resort. The study suggests instead that “emotionally positive” faces are better suited for competitive games.

That makes sense, actually. Ever been in a game where you’re really stressed out and your opponent just keeps right on smiling? Infuriating, right? Taking new info that into consideration, we can probably expect that metal bands would be the worst of this new kind of poker face. They always look so angry after all. Well, the bands below beg to differ. Here are three metal bands who would make great poker players based purely on how happy they always look.

1. Grailknights -Grailknights is a melodic death metal band from Hanover, Germany. They have this whole Masters of the Universe-like concept where they, the good guys, do battle against the evil Dr. Skull from their base in Castle Grailskull. They also dress up in brightly-colored superhero costumes, which is very uncommon for a melodeath band. Maybe when they finally defeat Dr. Skull they can turn those emotionally positive faces into qualifier slots for the PartyPoker-sponsored World Poker Tour.

2. The Black Satans – From the name and their clothes alone, it’s obvious these Finnish musicians are going to play gut-rumbling, ear-breaking metal. That assumption is entirely correct, except for the fact that they play their brand of black metal looking like kids who just got a PlayStation 4 for Christmas. These guys smile often enough in a single video to make up for a decade’s worth of angry scowling in the entirety of metal.

3. Helloween – Well, mostly just Ingo Schwichtenberg, really, but since he’s passed on we can only hope that Mr. Smile’s positivity infected his former bandmates. A lot of the band’s music, though, which can only be described as “happy”, makes it possible that they all qualify.

So there you have it. Want to win at poker? Smile! Start practising your positive expressions whilst you’re playing poker on this casino here so that the next time you have a poker game with your buddies, you can keep a positive expression all throughout the game. You never know, if you decide to play poker while visiting the Party Casino NJ has to offer, it might freak out your opponents so hard that you end up winning the jackpot. Just try not to look too maniacal or else you might have to find a new group to play poker with…