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NXNE Review Day 4: Mo Kenney @ Free Times Cafe

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the scene Mo Kenney by Sofia M

the scene Mo Kenney by Sofia M


Who: Mo Kenney

From: Waverly, Nova Scotia

When: Saturday, June 16th–12AM







Pre-show hype: Coming from a town close by Halifax, Mo Kenney is a 22-year-old singer/songwriter who is currently working on her first studio album. She has a 7-inch record out that has two of her songs on it, one of which, “Eden,” was written when Kenney was 16 and won the 10×10 video contest at the Atlantic Film Festival.

Crowd: The back room at the Free Times was pretty small, with a matching crowd. However, everybody was entranced by Kenney as soon as she stepped onstage and picked up her guitar. Eyes wouldn’t come off her and she was incredibly well-received.

Style: Kenney comes on to the stage with a simple and casual demeanor. Her voice is strong and powerful, and she carries herself in a way that shows she needs nothing but her guitar with her. Her songs were honest, written from the heart and sung from the soul and, in accordance with her online bio, some of the songs were happy. Most were not. Her lyrics reverberate in your heartbeat and hit you right at home. Her vibe is unmatchable and her voice–downright incredible.

Technicalities: Nothing went wrong at this show, unless you count Kenney running out of stickers to give away to eager fans at the end of her set.

Memorable moment: True to her style, about two songs in Kenney told the audience: “Now that I’ve got the happy songs out of the way, I’m going to sing some sad ones.”

Sex appeal: From her short dirty-blonde hair and her pale blue button up and right down to her laced-up sneakers, Mo Kenney is absolutely adorable. Her simple stage presence only adds to her dreamy appeal, and let’s be real here: it’s downright impossible to resist a girl with a guitar.

Mentionable song: “This song is about love, and how much it sucks,” Kenney said by way of introducing her song “Sucker.”

Total rank: 9/10 (I’m a sucker for your face too, Mo).


By: Sofia Mikhaylova