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Ottawa Bluesfest Day Four – Mac DeMarco

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Ottawa Bluesfest Day Four – Mac DeMarco

Who: Mac DeMarco

From: Edmonton, AB

Where: River Stage, RBC Bluesfest, Ottawa

When: Day Four, July 6, 2014

Total Score: 8/10


Style: Mac DeMarco has been described as a range of styles, from “slacker rock” to “psychedelic pop.” He labels himself as, “jizz jazz.”

Crowd: These people were there to see Mac DeMarco and it showed. From the quick sightings of Mac smoking his Viceroys while the band was setting up, to the last melodies of Still Together, the crowd was wholly dedicated to and satisfied by everything offered to them.


Technicalities: Opening with Salad Days, it was obvious that something was up with the volume on Mac’s microphone. Luckily, this situation was solved early on in the show. Everything from each instrument to each person’s attitude was perfect. Each lingering riff, drumbeat and melodies were completely on point and had everyone’s head bopping and singing along. The show was a great mixture of musical ability and goofing around, which these guys seem to be notorious for.

Image: Mac and his friends seem to not give a shit and that’s pretty cool. They’re doing something they enjoy and having fun with it, which showed when a friend came on stage and did a cover of Bob Marley’s Jammin’ and Mac stood off to the side with the biggest smile I have ever seen. The only vibe I got from this performance was a genuine one.


Memorable Moments: When Mac launched into Ode to Viceroy, a significant amount of fans began smoking their own cigarettes — I think I would have been disappointed if they didn’t. During Let My Baby Stay, Peter Sagar (guitarist) and Pierce McGarry (bassist) hung around on stage while Mac belted it. It was a hilarious contrast of a heartfelt love song while Sagar walked around smoking a cigarette and McGarry walked comically up to the microphone with a shaker.

Overall: Mac DeMarco exceeded every expectation I had. The combination of their musical quality, hilarious stage banter and the amount of dust and smoke flying through the air made for an incredible set.


Written by Brianna Harris

Photos by Mac Dimanlig


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