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School's Out @ Tango


Pioneers! O Pioneers!

O you youths, Western youths,

So impatient, full of action,

full of manly pride and friendship,

Plain I see you Western youths,

See you tramping with the foremost,

Pioneers! O pioneers!


That was part of a poem by the American poem guy Walt Whitman, and it was made into a super cool Jeans commercial like 5 years ago. I think the poem is called “TEENAGERS IN A FOREST” but I can’t full remember. Doesn’t funkin’ matter anyways bro, you know?

Tonight at TANGO PALACE COFFEE (they brew a real guuud bean!) a bushel of sexy young friends named the Leslieville 7 are hitting the patio at Toronto’s finest Beanery. A cluster of Western youths with standup and stories about summer. Summer love, puppy love, sex on beaches. Smoking the endo (which is pot). Ummmm… driving fast cars. Disneyland. California (or ¨Galifonia¨ if you’re Arnold Schwarzenegger). The soul-crushing depression of going back to school. Summer things. Whatevs.       

Tango Palace 2

(This is a picture of Felix the Cappucino machine. His parents were killed in a Gelato stand fire, and Tango Palace raised him from a boy)

Tango Palace 1

(This is a picture of the inside of the Tango Palace, what has different cakes etc in it)

Tango Palace 3

(This is a picture of Tango Palace Coffee from the outside, with a 1990s music video filter on it. Also known as ‘Kids in the Hall Intro’ on Instagram)

SO, Pioneers – are you a pioneer (of summer)? Wanna here (*hear) FREE jokes and drink coffee in a legit place of coffee and such? We’ve assembled a hotshot lineup of Leslieville performers. Look at them LOOK AT THEM listed below in words!

KIM SCHNEIDER (MTV Canada, Absolute Ottawa) SANDRA BATTAGLINI (Canadian Comedy Awards, Sal & Sandy Show) PHIL LUZI (History Channel, Sal & Sandy Show) PAT BURTSCHER (Dave Merheje & Friends) NITISH SAKHUJA (Toronto Comedy All-Stars) PRECIOUS CHONG (The Groundlings L.A, Pod Almighty) CANDICE GREGORIS (Haus of Bot) MARITO LOPEZ (Yuk Yuks)

And of course – me, Dean. Of The Scene Magazine.