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Digital Dreams Top 10 DJ sets and why

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Digital Dreams Top 10 DJ sets and why

The 2014 Electronic Nation installment of Digital Dreams saw over 70,000 people pass through Ontario Place over two days last weekend.   Long line ups and a new cashless bracelet system were not without controversy, but overall the third year installment of the festival was a success.  This review is all about the music, here are our Top 5 DJ sets per day.


5. Bro Safari

Bro Safari Digital Dreams house of boom

Cred: Darrell Shelley

Time: 8pm
Stage: House Of Boom

Bro Safari started strong with very few slow songs. I would say they threw down the most original electro trap set, featuring a huge variety of artists without using any of the overplayed Lil John samples or overused trap beats.


4. Deep Dish

Time: 10:30
Stage: Echo Beach

Being veterans in the EDM world, Ali and Sharam had some very high expectations; and they did not disappoint. Bringing a tech and deep set made them the grooviest performance of Saturday.


3. Thugli

Time: 4pm
Stage: House Of Boom

One of the best thought out sets in my opinion. While so many artists would slam you with electro trap, then to hip hop and back Thugli managed to keep a smooth balance. Very clean remix of 0-100 as well.


2. Keys N Krates

Keys n Krates Digital Dreams

Cred: FTF Photography

Time: 5pm
Stage: House Of Boom

Live drummer in the House of Boom. The crowd went insane seeing this, and hearing them mix live with a Maschine product made bass vibrations more personal than any other set that day.


1. Justice

Justice Stage Digital Dreams

Cred: Darrell Shelley

Time: 11pm
Stage: Dreams

Between throwing down the most original tracks that day, and mixing in old school disco songs like Boney M’s “Rasputin” Justice was able to keep the Dream Stage engaged with a mixture of smooth transitions, perfectly timed drops and original remixes and visuals unlike any other.





5. Fedde Le Grande

Fedde Le Grande Digital Dreams

Cred: Darrell Shelley

Time: 5:30pm
Stage: Dreams

Fedde was the only artist who can pull off 128 BPM shows without it feelings annoying. The transitions were some of the smoothest in the festival, as well as the amount of originals were unbeatable.


4. Luciano

Time: 10:30pm
Stage: Echo Beach

One of the best minimal sets on Echo Beach. Luciano kept a groovy set while having some of the best build ups of the night. The tech bassline had the entire beach moving nonstop.

3. Eric Prydz

Eric Prydz Digital Dreams

Cred: Bara Photography

Time: 9pm
Stage: Dreams

There was a lot of excitement for Prydz from Toronto in the upcoming days before the festival; and for good reason. Being the legend behind “Call On Me” in 2004, Prydz has been setting the standard for original house for years. His progressive / tech house set was clean, classic and compelling.


2. Dirtyphonics

DirtyPhonics Digital Dreams

Cred: Darrell Shelley

Time: 8:30pm
Stage: House Of Boom

Dirtyphonics played exactly what Dirtyphonics wanted to play, and it was amazing. With the House of Boom quickly becoming over-saturated with remixes of 0 to 100 and DJ Snake, it was more than refreshing to hear everything from drum and bass to some of the many originals they have produced over the years.


1. Green Velvet

Green Velvet Digital Dreams

Cred: Barra Photography

Time: 7:30pm
Stage: No.19 Social Experiment

This was the most mesmerizing performance of the entire Digital Dreams festival. His tech-house set had the entire crowd dancing from front stage to top of the hill. Then the rain came in, and it poured. As soon the downpour hit, Toronto started dancing harder as Green Velvet picked up immensely. The vibe at No.19 Social Experiment was one of the most unified, euphoric and blissful moments I have ever experienced.

Honor Roll – ANDY C
Sunday – Headlining – House Of Boom!

Andy C Digital Dreams

Cred: Barra Photography


By: Tony Millar

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