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Goodbye Ferns & Mailloux

Katharine Ferns and Rob Mailloux are leaving the Americas. They’re sailing back to the old world, free from the Virginia tobacco fields, and the lethal hum of the tomahawk flying at wind speeds with expert precision. No more shall they spend their winters boiling wolves’ milk for sustenance, or rescuing human infants from the talons of the screaming Mole Eagle (hairless like their rodent cousin, but only 68% blind, they look something like a winged French Stewart with severe Alopecia, but made out of foreskins). It’s off to jolly old England with them!

Yes, that England! Land of meat pies & Pimm’s! The snaggle toothed “Maybe, After 6 Beers I Would” Cousin Marjorie to America’s rascal-bound, severely diabetic and kinda racist Fat Uncle Sam

(Canada is the distant cousin Dwayne with the bowl cut and the thick Alberta interior accent who gets home schooled and plays with knives) 

England has a long and proud tradition of comedy. From Falstaff to Fawlty Towers. From Laurie & Fry to Gervais and Merchant to Frost + Pegg. (Currently I’m partial to Coogan and Brydon, but to each thems ownselves!) They, like us, have a distinct tradition of comedy. Our own national flavor (even if we have a harder time nailing ours down, and our industry could always use a boost). But it’s in the blood. Maybe it’s a Commonwealth thing?

In the past decades, London’s standup scene has pulled in some serious North American talent searching for new & fertile fields of stages. Comics looking to break free from the same old cycles of club circuits, pilot seasons, and the L.A-N.Y-Chicago triangle (and for our purposes, Toronto). Let us not forget, standup comedy really did begin as a uniquely North American pursuit. Right up there with Jazz, Baseball, and taking paternity tests on daytime television

The late Patrice O’Neal had some of his most remarkable (and re-formative) years in the London underground of comedy, before coming back stateside and making has final mark (much too young for that to be past tense)

Some of Toronto’s finest crowd killers are already murdering all over London, like a bunch of White Chapel dandies they is. Yes, that was a Jack the Ripper joke. It was 120-something years ago, don’t give me that “too soon” malarkey. 

John Hastings and Bobby Mair to name a pair. And now, we bid a fond farewell to two more of our favorites. One of them is coming back, the other one… well, as she (mostly jokingly) puts it “I’m moving to England forever. Or I’ll be back in like 6 weeks, depending when my visa runs out”

Switching to Cockney now!

Freshen Your Drink

Old Kaffy Ferns ‘as become a right familiar Chevy Chase (face) to Canadian comedy c*nts audiences, she ‘as. Since moving to the big Smoky Woke in 2011, she’s ‘ad sev’rul appearances on the ichannel standup series “Na Kidding” and the inside-comedy show “The Inside Joke”. She’s become a Toronto favorite on the indie festival circuit, including NXNE, the Dark Comedy Festival, and opening for high-profile shows on the Empire Comedy label at Toronto’s famous Comedy stars ‘n bars (Comedy Bar)

“Fancy a drink, guv’ner?” indeed! 

Annnnnd, now let’s viddy this next portion in the Nadsat!

Rob Mailloux has been making a eemya for himself on the Canadian comedy scene since the mid 2000s. A standup purist, Mailloux is a relentless do-it-yourselfer, a trail blazer. His unstoppable rabbit ethic and raw talent have earned him spots on some of the biggest stages across North America and beyond. From the festival circuit to fringe shows, co-producing the Dark Comedy Festival and performing with such eemyas as Jim Jefferies, Dave Atell & Maria Bamford just to eemya a few!


 Ferns and Mailloux can be viddied with tearful goodbyes and waves of the silkmost scarves, this Friday 8 bells proper at Johnny Jackson (587 College Street).

Tickets are but a mere $15 with proceeds going to their sea voyage. And towards Mailloux’s solo “DRUNKOREXIA” show debuting at the Edinburgh Fringe (that’s probably not part of England per se, at least not at the time of publishing. BUT they are heading to London right after)

Katharine will be appearing on the Matt Henry & Friends show August 1-25, while Rob switch hits between his own Drunkorexia (see paragraph above, and sexy show art by Toronto artist Kurt Firla above that!) – and co-producing the Late Night Dark Comedy show with the afforementioned Bobby Mair.

And that, as they say – is that!