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Proud to Be Comedian (and Canadian)

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Canadian Tux 3


Fuck Sara Lee. Nobody doesn’t like a Canadian Tuxedo!

Even angry old Clint Eastwood. He wears them all the time when he’s not yelling at chairs that he imagines to be President Obama or Asian people on his Detroit lawn (haha, crazy old man. Even the grass is in his imagination. Detroit doesn’t have grass! Just dirty condoms scattered over forgotten dreams)

This week at KITCH (229 Geary Ave, Duff + Dupont) we celebrate all things Canadian! The way we do it best – on a Thursday, and for FREE.

Now you might be thinking to yourself, “this comedy show happens every week. And Canada Day was 2 days ago. And there’s nothing specifically Canadian happening here other than the fact that the comics are all Canadian and from Canadian festivals and TV shows”

To you I say… FRIG RIGHT OFF, BUD.

Canadian Tux 1

What’s more Canadian than comedy?? If your answer to that is “Gordon Pincent and Luba Goy having crazy Labatt fuelled sex in a bathtub filled with Quebec maple syrup while an anthropomorhpic goose sings Anne Murray songs “… then, well. OK you got me

But for sure COMEDY is the second most Canadian thing that can happen!

And every Thursday at KITCH, we bring in some of Canada’s best 

PRO comics from across the TV dial, radio tuner, and festival stages from coast to coast. Working out their latest material for YOU! For FREE! And you can eat Bloordale’s best nachos while you watch

That’s right! And wash down that famous $5 KITCH menu with a sudsy selection of Toronto taps

Did I mention we don’t even charge cover for such a stacked Pro/Am lineup every week?


Because we. are. comedian. And Canadian

God (or whoever) keep our laughs glorious & free! And yes I’m aware that all of these people are American (well for sure Clint Eastwood and Chuck Norris are, and I’m going to assume Ax Guy up there is too. But they’re wearing OUR national attire, so they’re fair game)

Canadian Tux 2




DeAnne Smith (Just for Laughs, Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, Last Comic Standing) 

Ali Hassan (George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight! CBC Radio, Sirius XM)

Zabrina Chevannes (Strombo, A Nurse’s Worst Nightmare, ichannel)

Chris Allin (Top Shelf Comedy, ichannel)

Kelly Fanson (Fancypants Open Mic, Rookie Blue, Flashpoint)

Katharine Ferns (ichannel, Empire Comedy, Comedy Inferno)