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Ottawa RBC Bluesfest 2014 Tips from Day One

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Ottawa RBC Bluesfest 2014 Tips from Day One

#6. You can charge your phone at the Bell Fibe Station, if you don’t mind listening to hyped up tripe about why it’s a good idea to pay $40 plus for TV service. Like nobody’s heard of Netflix…

#5. If you’re hungry, go to the East India Company. I got this huge plate of butter chicken for $10. It tasted pretty bland, but I’m pretty sure I ate at least three chickens, and the more of those creepy things I kill the better. Plus, beer and curry are kind of awesome together, as the British will attest. 


#4. There are totally beer girls walking around with coolers (Seven bucks for a tall can of Coors/Canadian). Find one and plot her route, or tip nicely and ask her to return every once in a while.  This way you’ll never miss a song. Unfortunately, this means you’ll eventually have to urinate (bonus tip: please don’t pop and squat).

#3.  There are multiple toilet sections. There was a 10-minute lineup to piss during Blake Shelton (as with any civilized party, mixing cowboys and Coors Light). Gary Clark Jr. on the other hand, was free and clear. I didn’t really have to go before I saw the porto-johns, but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to piss on a whim at a festival.


#2. Go see the fucking blues. I spent the first day wandering from hep to hip, and it wasn’t until I saw Gary Clark Jr. that I really had my mind blown. It’s called “Bluesfest” for a reason, and if they’re billing top pop performers, you can bet your ass they’re going to have some stellar Blues musicians.

#1. If you don’t mind a short (15 min) pleasant walk along the river, you can easily park your car somewhere in Hintonburg. I won’t blow anyone’s covert car spot, but there are multiple businesses closed on the weekends/at night. Bonus points for being able to hear the music as you’re walking and looking over the water. I was half tempted to chill out there. 


Jonathan Duncan