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Avengers: Endgame – Movie Review

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Avengers: Endgame – Movie Review

Rating: A- (Great)

Trailer/Thumbnail Courtesy Walt Disney Studios

Since Nick Fury first told Tony Stark about a superhero initiative he was forming, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been putting the pieces together to connect a whole bunch of characters and it’s been an impressive achievement watching the entire series unfold. Some films have been better than others, but the team of filmmakers at Marvel Studios have built a solid bedrock with which to tell their stories. They have taken both comic book favourites and more obscure heroes and adapted them to the screen in a way that introduces them to a mass audience. Watching Avengers: Endgame is a testament to how the audience has grown to care about Iron Man, Ant-Man, Captain America, Rocket Raccoon and the whole ensemble of heroic figures that have graced screens for about a decade. It’s an impressive juggling act that more than earns its three hour runtime.

For probably the first time in a Marvel movie, Avengers: Infinity War ended with the question of “how are they going to get out of this one?” The entirety of Endgame asks this multiple times and that adds to the excitement level. Directors Joe and Anthony Russo and screenwriters Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely succeed at showing the different emotions felt by the Avengers following Thanos’s world shattering snap. Each is overcome with various feelings of optimism and uncertainty and their actions make sense, based on what we know about them from previous adventures. However, the central theme of Endgame is the importance of camaraderie. We see how their battles against a common evil have brought the heroes together. They provide each other with a support system, thus suggesting the importance of team work.

The Russos are required to give screentime to a massive amount of characters and they do a superb job of giving each hero enough to do and proper arcs. Watching them in Endgame after so many years gives a good idea of the growth they have undergone. It allows the occasional quips between them to work and shows how much the actors have become accustomed to their roles. There is also an emotional undercurrent running throughout the film that is more than earned. The opening prologue already begins with a heart tearing moment and there are other scenes also worthy of an almost silent reaction, rather than the cheers so commonly associated with these films.

Nonetheless, the action sequences in Endgame are filled with multiple crowd-pleasing moments. Just when it seems the Russos have given the audience enough giddy scenes, they include another bit one can’t help but smile at. Every super power on display is well utilised and the fight choreography never gets dull. Alan Silvestri deserves credit, too, for how he includes the previous Marvel leitmotifs and writes new musical themes for this movie. Marvel has employed a number of talented composers to provide scores for its films, but Silvestri’s pieces always seem to be the strongest. While Endgame is easily the longest running MCU movie to date, the three hours are never felt. This is a well paced, fast moving film that always finds something of importance for the characters to do.

Looking back on the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it really is quite the impressive filmmaking achievement. It’s remarkable how all of this was born out of producer Kevin Feige’s love for these comic books and wanting to see Marvel’s stable of heroes interact with one another. Avengers: Endgame does have a sense of finality to it, even if there will obviously be more installments in this ever expanding series. These are superheroes to root for, with their own identities and histories that the audience has watched unfold since the beginning. This movie captures all of the rousing wonder that has made this endeavour something special and represents one of the crowning accomplishments in this mega-experiment.

Stefan Ellison

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