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Two Oceans – Interview

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INTERVIEW Dec 29, 2011




1. You guys have just released your first album any plans for 2012?

We have just released our first album “Always Searching” which is a 10 song LP now available at Fred’s Records and will soon be available online at . We have already begun work on a follow up album for 2012.


2. Tell me about the song writing process, how’s it happen??

It varies sometimes from song to song, however its often the case that one of us will come up with a song skeleton waiting for collective input and we leave the jam with a whole new song influenced by four wholly different perspectives which as a result creates a much better song than any of us can imagine on our own.


3. I really like the tones tell me a little about the recording process

The album was recorded in Steve’s basement and mixed/mastered by Bill Henderson of Azimuth Mastering, New Jersey. From the first recording to the pressing of the album was a 6 month process and originally intended to be a 6 song EP which quickly grew to a 10 song LP. It was a hard process of trial and error especially with a basement recording budget, but we are all very proud of the album we produced.


4. Any other local bands you’ve supported that you wanna mention.??

Definitely all of the bands that played our CD release show. Obsessive Compulsion, Sigma, Psyence, Discos Down, Release The Hounds, Thrones, Shorthanded & Faster Than Felix. We have shared the stage with several of these bands in the past and they have since made it to our list of favourite accompanying acts while also becoming our friends..


5. rum and coke or beer? what’s your favorite poison.

[CHRIS] At the risk of losing some tough image cred, I would go for a spiced rum and coke! Captain Morgan to be specific. Although the hometown brew George Street rum is a tasty second.


6. What’s the most memorable show you’ve played?

[STEVE] One of my most memorable shows would have to be the BOTB at the Glacier. It was a completely different atmosphere playing in a large arena compared to the small venues we usually play. That being said, it was really great to get back to the small stage the following night!???


7. If you could play with anyone dead or alive who would it be and where would it be?

[STEVE] I’m gonna have to say Senses Fail hands down

[CHRIS] An actual dream of mine, like a crazy dream a little while ago, was playing with Blink 182 at The Levee and that was a lot of fun. So I am going with that.


8. Elvis: Costello or Presley?

Presley for sure, he’s the king of rock. Also “Suspicious Minds” is a great tune


9. what’s your opinion on Hippies and Hipsters? Is there a such thing as a Hipster?

[CHRIS] My day job is a sociologist in training so the term ‘hipster’ is a contentious topic for me. I most often see these labels like hipster or hippie as useless categories of thought which are most often meant to be offensive to those who stand accused. Primarily because these terms most often have negative connotations and have generally been (re)produced by those who reduce diverse tastes and complex emotions down to a single label.


10. Where’s your favourite watering hole down town? and why?

The Levee, it is a nice and friendly bar with clean bathroom facilities! This is always of key importance to the patron! Great venue, great sound, great staff!


11. Name one album that changed your life.

[CHRIS] U2’s All that you can’t leave behind. I am too young to have been affected by U2’s older stuff, but up to that point I listening to mostly harder or faster punk rock music. When I heard that album I realized there was something else out there!

[STEVE] Beloved ‘s “Failure On” album pretty well got me through high school and a lot since. It is by far my favorite album of all time!


by: Darrell Shelley