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Because we figured you out

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To be honest, I frankly don’t care about whether Rihanna is back under Chris brown’s Umbrella or stuck in a flood.  What annoys me is the publicity surrounding relationships and domestic abuse.

In an interview to Diane Sawyer, Rihanna said staying with brown will send the wrong message to her female fans and will result in some young girl getting killed. Yes sure, we have to agree, we live in a world where pop queens and penthouse pets become role models while  social workers and human rights activist  go unnoticed.

How responsible are celebrities when they take sensitive social issues like domestic abuse for their own publicity stunts?

Will Rihanna really accept responsibility for a young girl’s death as she said three years ago or will she just look forward to getting some coverage on another article on Sunday Mail?

While women around the world are struggling to find an end to abuse and repression, such celebrity attitudes just don’t help in anyway.

Rihanna, just stick to giving trashy music to keep your 14 year old fan base!

On your relationship; I just remember Eddie Murphy’s quote from Raw “You know why men fool around?     Because we figured you out “.


by: Kumar V.