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Nova Yoga Studio

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What: Nova Yoga Studio

Where: 125 Long’s Hill

Style: Yoga Studio

Owner: Melanie Caines

(709) 743-8303




Owned and operated by Certified Yoga Teacher Melanie Caines, Nova Yoga opened its doors in 2010 and recently celebrated its second anniversary. Since its opening over 15,000 people were coming to Nova Yoga.


First of all, I have to commit myself as a total newcomer to Yoga. After struggling with myself, I asked the burning question “What exactly is Yoga actually?”. My idea of it was rather vague and based mostly on stuff I had picked up somewhere. “Yoga is a lifestyle. It is a practice for your body and your mind to relax. It combines movement with breath to clear your mind. Yoga actually means ‘union’”, Melanie explains. Aha. Now I am a rather restless and impatient person. I wonder how that would work since my understanding of Yoga is a rather meditative one. “Yoga can be very meditative. But it can also be very physical and sweaty. We are sometimes doing handstands for 10 minutes at a time and pound the walls. After such an exhausting practice you really enjoy the meditation that follows at the end.”


When Melanie started Nova Yoga it wasn’t meant to become so big. She studied Vinyasa (or Flow) Yoga at Sonic Yoga in New York City and had the desire to share what she had learned. There are various yoga teacher training opportunities for those like Melanie who want to study and teach yoga. She soon found that there was a lot of interest and love for Yoga in St. John’s and Nova Yoga just grew and grew. Her efforts were rewarded with Nova Yoga being voted BEST YOGA STUDIO in The Scope’s Best of St. John’s Award two years in a row (2010/2011).


Melanie is currently doing advanced Yoga training with Shiva Rea, a renowned Yoga teacher, in Los Angeles. Shiva who is also a former dancer inspired her to ‘Live Music Thursdays’. Flowing to beats of musicians like Duane Andrews, Ian Foster, DJ Slim Macho, Glenn Nuotio, George Robertson and Rozalind McPhail means improvisation at the same time since you don’t know what they are going to play.


The variety of classes includes Classic Flow, Mixed Flow, Dynamic Flow, Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga and Peace Flow. Now what’s this flow thing about? In Vinyasa (or Flow) Yoga, the postures are linked together in a fluid movement with the breath, so the poses ‘flow’.


For the die-hards under you the ‘30 Day Challenge’ might be the right class. 21 classes in 30 days are the challenge you will have to cope with. It is believed that it takes 21 days to create a new habit. The ‘Spring Cleaning 30 Day Challenge’ will be coming up in April.


On the last Friday of each month a special class is hold. ‘Karma Yoga’ was created to raise money for local animal charities. In just four classes over $700 were raised.


Don’t have the time to practise Yoga in a Studio? ‘Feel Good Friday’ is a video series Melanie created on YouTube for practicing Yoga at home. Viewers consist of those from all over Canada as far as Vancouver.


After all this reading about Yoga you are hooked and wonder how to get started? There is room and a class for everyone. Classes are without commitment. Just drop in and flow.


And guys, contrary to popular belief, Yoga is not a girly thing. So get your butt up and check it out!


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By: Melanie Fornoff
Photo by : Mark Bennett